Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wa Hoo!!!

So I woke up this morning, super excited because I learned I got a Pell Grant!! It even exceeds the cost of this semester's tuition, so I'll have $88 to spare. $88 that will have to go to rent, or bills, or debt, but still, I'm happy that school will be all paid for!!

We still have to check Chris's account to make sure he also received financial aid for this upcoming semester (update, HE GOT ONE TOO!!), but I'm pretty sure his should be the same as mine. I'm hoping. I was also offered more loans, which we may take some of the money to buy books and pay off our current debt.

Everything has just been falling into place lately. I have a new positive attitude and I just have this feeling Chris and I will be able to make it. We went to the temple yesterday (we try to go at least once a month) and I really felt the spirit calming me down and letting me know that everything will be alright. I have a very strong feeling I'm going to find a job soon.

Well, I just wanted to share with all my blogging friends my good news. I really am super excited for school to start! And I'm even more excited to find a job! Wish me luck! :)


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