Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Things I Find While Cleaning My Laptop

So I was in the process of making a video with my webcam and it suddenly stops recording and informs me that the memory on my laptop is completely full. Luckily I was prepared for such an occasion and began moving things from my laptop to an external hard drive that my dad gave me months ago (thanks Daddy!!).

During this fun experience I found some pretty awesome stuff. So be prepared. :) And I know it's long, but some of the better stuff is at the end, so don't give up. Just scroll, watch the videos, enjoy the pictures, and read the silly things I used to write before this blog.

Here's a lovely video from Christmas 2008. I got awesome cowboy boot looking slippers and they were pretty amazing. I might still have them, but I do know one ripped a little...

Rock Band anyone? Look at my adorable little brother. This was before he was much taller than me... I miss those days when he was literally my "little" brother.

I totally forgot about this! So one day my friend Tom was going to go to the Sweetheart's Dance with his girlfriend (now pregnant wife). And he wanted his shoes to be creative so I went to his GIANORMOUS house with him and we used a hole punch to cut out the sticky part of pink post-it notes and stuck them to his shoes. Apparently they matched her dress perfectly. I didn't know, I didn't go to the dance.

This was my group my senior year of high school. These were my best friends in the world, especially Colton (the one with his arm around me). However, now it's four years later and Colton and I don't talk anymore (after some fights and his two year mission in Peru and the fact that I'm married... but I miss his friendship a lot), Casey and Caitlin are now married and living many hours away from me, I never see them anymore and we rarely talk either. It's weird how that happens... I miss them all though.

I was in a digital photography class in high school and took/edited this photo for class. This is my friend Caitlin (from the picture above) and a different Casey (who is now also married, why is everyone married?).

Ha ha ha! Also for my photography class I had to take fashion photos, so the above picture is my brother trying to be a fashion model. Ha ha ha. He looks so different now!!

My senior prom!! I went with Colton and Caitlin and I had fun standing over an air vent in those dresses. :) I really truly honestly miss Colton. We were best friends for so long and I hate that we don't talk anymore...

This was literally the makeup for my high school ballroom team (plus lipstick). And those giant earrings. Crazy.

Another one from my photography class...

This was my senior photo. Taken by my dad in my neighbor's yard. And I honestly don't look that much different now...

This is how I dance... apparently. But it makes a bit more sense if you watch the next one too:

We think we're gangsters... but we're really really not. This is me and two of my bridesmaids when we were all roommates. I love these girls! We were working on a music video. It had many different parts:

Pretty Princess Popstar

Gangster or Thug (I honestly don't know)

Western Cowgirls

Bookworm Nerds

Gangster/Boy (I honestly looked like a boy)

Crazy... Hawaiian... Shopping Carts... I don't know

And just Wild

Oh! And let's not forget my personal favorite:

Just Plain Creepy

Let's see if I can get the good video on here...

I love that video... all recorded on Lindsay's camera and edited by me. We all did our own edits though to different songs and such. Kristina did a great one of just the creepy stuff to ET by Katy Perry. It's on Youtube. I've shared it with my blog before HERE.

But not all the stuff I found were just silly videos or pictures. I found a document with a song I wrote. With no tune, I don't play any musical instruments.


When going on a trip I always seem to forget,
A razor, or a toothbrush, or small simple things
It’s easy to forget the little things.
It’s easy when you know they can be replaced.
I can buy a new razor on my trip,
And shave my legs and go to the beach.
Play in the sun, have my fun, and leave with a smile on my face.
It’s okay to forget my razor on trips.
It can always be replaced.
But you I can never forget,
And I can’t get you replaced.
So I’ll find my smile at the beach, but lose it,
Because I can’t forget about you.

I don't exactly know how that was supposed to be a song, but the document says it is. It's more just a poem though. A sad poem. And every poem/song in that document is sad. I was a depressed teenager/college student apparently. Luckily now my husband keeps me happy! :)

I also found the first (and only) essay in college that I got an absolutely 100% on! I was so proud of myself! It was an essay on Hamlet and I was comparing the "To Be or Not to Be" speech between the play and two different film versions and how the monologue was portrayed in each one. I really am proud of that essay... I'm not going to post it here because it's fairly long and boring, but if you really want to read it just let me know.

I then found a document entitled "My Lessons" and I quickly opened it to find this:


  1. Butter knifes cannot cut a table.
  2. Do not grab your hair straightener by the hot part.
  3. If you don't want people using your laptop, cough all over it.
  4. When you have three pieces of bread left, make a giant peanut butter and jelly sandwich!
  5. Coughing is the best workout for your abs ever.
  6. Even at 2:30 AM, in an apartment, there is no hot water in the showers!
I vaguely remember this. I know it was from my very first year of college when I was often sick and had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every single day, without fail. Apparently these life lessons were good enough to write down. Luckily number 6 isn't true in my new apartment, we always have hot water. :) 

I found a document called "My Poems"... but they are all too depressing and this blog isn't made for depressing stuff. So if you'd like to read them, let me know. In the mean time, I'll try and write happier poems from now on...

I can't tell you why the video has no sound, but I just have to keep showing how little my brother used to be! The change is ridiculous! Here, I'll show you, here is my brother now:

Now he's tall, skinny, handsome, has straight teeth and glasses. It's amazing the different a few years can make...

Well that's all the important stuff I found. I hope you weren't too bored by this long post! :)

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