Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Days of the Week

Ha ha... I'm just laughing at the title of this post...

Anyways, so to motivate myself to write more I'm giving specific blog posts to specific days of the week. Yes, I will still be writing the random stuff that pops into my brain whenever I feel like it, but I will also have these specifics that I will do my very best to write everyday (but I would like everyone to keep in mind that this blog is not my full-time job, I'm a student and a wife and looking for a part-time job, so if I miss a day, forgive me). So here are the categories:

Motivation Mondays

I absolutely love quotes and song lyrics, so every Monday I'm going to put up a motivational quote or song to help us all start off our weeks in a good mood. Monday's can be hard, and hopefully these quotes will help!

Happy Tuesdays

Happy Tuesday was the holiday that my friends and I created in high school. It was the day my best friend and I would always make sure to do something special together. On Tuesdays on this blog I'm just going to share a happy story or something, I'm still not entirely sure. What I do know is that I've always loved Tuesdays, because I made them a holiday, and my goal is to make you love Tuesdays too!

Web Video Wednesday

This is already a thing on my blog! I hope you've been enjoying them. They are simple posts, but I just think they're fun and they let my blog have a greater variety of subjects. (Also, if you have a web video that you would like to be featured on my blog, leave a comment or send me an email!!)

Anything Goes Thursdays

Thursdays will be about whatever I want. Or whatever you want! I'm always open to comments and suggestions and I would love to hear about what you would like to see on this blog! So leave me a comment or send me an email and I'll gladly fill your requests on Thursdays (or maybe another day if I have time). However, I think the main focus I want for Thursdays is date night ideas. But since my husband and I are too poor to do anything fun... we don't... so we'll see how that goes.

Fashion Fridays

I used to do a segment on here called Outfits of the Week. But I really struggled with that and I'm pretty sure it only lasted two weeks. Fashion Fridays will be similar though. I'll be sharing some of the outfits I had worn in the past week, or clothes I've bought or an outfit I saw online that I'm in love with (Fred Rongo, prepare to dominate my Friday posts). Also, I already have a "In My Closet" tab at the top of my blog, this will still exist and show off any shopping trips or new additions to my closet. But these two are very similar. Also, keep in mind that I am not a fashion "guru" or expert in anyway. I'll be just be sharing what I wear and what I like. Please don't take my fashion sense as fashion "law".

Song of the Week Saturdays

I'm pretty much obsessed with music so every Saturday I'll be sharing the song that's been on my mind all week. It might be old, it might be new, it might be a song you've never heard of before in your life, it could be from a Disney movie, it could be anything! But I think I'm most excited for this new segment... it's the least work on my part. :)

Pinterest Sundays

Again, already a thing. But I've come to find that this is one of my favorite type of blog posts (and it's fairly popular) because I really get to share my likes with you and it's just fun! Also, I'm going to try to continue my Sunday Meals posts, but I've really been slacking on that lately and we don't have the money to make the meals that I want (we usually just eat the fish that Chris catches, but it is good so I'll share how he cooks it soon), so they may appear every now and then at random.


So all of these will be linked up together and there will be a new tab at the top entitled "Days of the Week" (because I think it sounds so silly/lame) where all these blog posts can be found. You can also find them by clicking on the links under "Categories" on the left side, but there are like a billion so sometime it's hard to navigate your way through there (good luck) so I might just stick to clicking on the tab at the top.

Well, I hope you enjoy what coming up with this blog! I suppose this post counts as my "Anything Goes Thursday" post. Yay, done with that!

PS: Don't be hating that Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday things aren't alliterations. I like them the way they are and I'm not going to change it. :) 

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