Monday, August 12, 2013

Random Events

I wish I had photos for this post (I do have a few, but they aren't up on my laptop yet) but I just have a few things that I want to share with you guys!!

So Saturday Chris and I went to the Cache Valley fair!!! I absolutely love fairs! I don't know what it is. I was hot and sweaty, but I just love walking around, looking at all the booths, holding the hand of my lover! There are so many fun sounds and smells and it's just an environment that makes me happy!

We got ourselves new USU shirts that I'm excited about, because I didn't have any white ones till now, I just have like eight blue ones. Three which are exactly the same... And I got a frozen lemonade that was absolutely delicious!!! It was seriously so good! Chris got an old fashioned soda in an awesome cup. It's was... black cherry... maybe... It was something cool.


While there, I got a phone call from my aunt telling me she had an extra ticket to see Fiddler on the Roof that night!! I was so excited because I love that movie but I had never seen it live before. So later that night when Chris was at work I got to see Fiddler on the Roof. It was amazing!! I liked the movie more, but they did an amazing job! But it was really weird that they had the lyrics projected on this little screen, because it made it seem like a sing-a-long, but it wasn't.

Today after church and watching Brave for like the seventh time since being married (Chris is obsessed), we drove down to Kaysville to have a special dinner with Chris's family. While driving I noticed big flumes of smoke, which I immediately recognized as a forest fire (we've had enough fires in the mountains near my house for me to recognize them). I learned later that it was a fire caused by lightning above Millville in Blacksmith Fork Canyon.

On the drive I got a lot of reading done in my book! Yay! Don't forget to join me in my book club

So we ate a small lunch then Chris searched his whole house for all the Pokemon game boy games he could find... I don't understand it, or want to talk about it, don't ask... Afterwards we decided to go fishing, well he fished, I tanned and read my book. But it was so freaking hot!!! Both of us were dying of heat. I picked a bad day to wear pants... but I did roll them up to tan my legs, but it didn't help with that awful, awful heat.

When we got back to Chris's parent's house his Grandma and Uncle were there and then more relatives came so we conversed and Chris played his Pokemon game (seriously, don't ask). Then it was time for dinner!!! We had burgers and chips and vegetables. It was so super delicious, and I'm apparently over my meat aversion. (Which I realize I haven't told you about... basically while watching Youtube an ad popped up which showed a bunch of farm animals being abused and even though I had the option to skip it, I couldn't look away, and it permanently freaked me out... yep, thinking about it makes me regret that burger... but seriously, look at the title of my blog, I LOVE COWS! And after seeing a cow get pushed violently out of a truck, knocked and kicked around, being abused by metal sticks, and getting shot in the head, it's hard to not be seriously scared of eating meat, I don't want to promote that kind of behavior... sorry, super long story...)

Then we took Chris's adorable dog Max on a walk. Max is seriously so cute! I want a Max. I don't love dogs, but I want a Max. He's just the most well behaved dog I've ever met. And he's the only dog I've allowed to sit on my lap because he doesn't lick me or bark and scare me.

Then I just fell asleep on the couch while watching Monster Fish, which by the way, is a dumb show. He's trying to copy River Monsters, but he kind of behaves the way I do around fish, which seriously concerns me. How can he have a fishing show? And, he hardly ever fishes! He just shows off the fish other people catch! It's dumb, but also kind of funny because he's just a weird host. Also, PS, he completely exaggerates things. Like the description of the episode said he was searching for a goldfish as big as a cow, but it wasn't really a goldfish and it definitely wasn't as big as a cow, but he said it could be. Uh huh, sure.

After I woke up we headed back home, but not before Chris's parents gave us food and tried to give us money for gas and basically to pay us to come visit them more. :) They are kind of lonesome because now they're empty-nesters, but we love them and love to visit them and don't need them to pay us to do it. :) On the drive home, that burning mountain in Cache Valley looked really cool. It was dying down and very much taken care of, but it was glowing and pretty looking.

Also, today (August 11th) marks Chris and I being married for exactly three months! YAY!!! I love being married to my best friend! We are so great together in every way and we just have the most fun all the time! I want to write a post about being married for three months, it's in the works. Stay in touch.

That's my weekend story!! I just wanted to share it with the world! As I said, I have a few pictures (very few) but I'll add those later. :) Thanks for reading! I love my readers!!

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