Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pinterest Sundays: Smart, Baby Cows, Living Room, Bookcase, Books to Movies, Blue Umbrella, School, and Clothes

I apologize in advance, this one has a lot. :) 

I loved reading through this. It's so true that in our Mormon culture we feel completely worthless if something happens. I love Elizabeth Smart and feel she is a real inspiration to not on LDS members, but to the world. You can find the story HERE

Last October-ish, before I was even engaged, my mom and I saw an adorable cow costume for babies. My mom got all excited and told me I needed to get it for my children. I informed her (though it was completely obvious) that I had no children and I wasn't going to buy baby costumes when I wasn't even engaged. I'm now married, but I'm still not getting one till I'm pregnant.... but yes, all my kids will be wear a cow costume at some point in their lives. 

I absolutely love this!!! I really want to make curtains for our living room (when I have money again) and I want them similar to this. And actually, that desk thing would look really good as well. When we are financially stable, I'm modeling our living room after this picture. 

I would love one of these in our little bathroom. Because it's open on two sides, it wouldn't feel crowded in there. I also need something by my bed, and this would be good for that too. 

14 Books to Read Before They Hit The Big Screen. I have been wanting to read Divergent, but this list has other interesting books I'll have to check out as well. 

One of my favorite things in the world are Pixar Shorts. If you haven't seen Monsters University yet, you probably haven't seen The Blue Umbrella. I loved it. It was super cute! 

27 Ways to Have the Healthiest School Year Ever. I am super excited for school to start this month!!!! I'm going crazy just waiting for the USU semester to start! I really like this article and the tips that it has. Hopefully I can keep on track this semester and everything will go smoothly. 

I absolutely love everything about this outfit!!! I love the shoes so much! I'm really sick of the clothes in my closet and want to replace the majority of them, but, again, I have no money. So that will have to wait. But I have a large board of clothes to buy on Pinterest when I finally get the money. :) 

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