Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pinterest Sundays: Otters, Irena Sendler, Denim, Friends, JLaw, Soldier, Drop 10, Tunic, Study Tips, Tulle, Hair, and Shorts.

Sorry, this is another long one...

This one is just for fun. Chris loves otters and I showed him this pictures and he freaked out. I just think it's cute and wanted to share it with all ya'all as well. :) 

I'm sharing this because I think it's an amazing story and deserves to be shared.

I love this outfit. A lot. For "Fashion Friday" I show a picture of me wearing my denim shirt. I could totally recreate this outfit. :) 

I love Friends. 

I love Jennifer Lawrence! She is so funny! 

“Before I went into the military I knew everyone, and everyone knew me.. Before I left everyone I knew, and everyone I didn’t know said I was too handsome, too young. I wasn’t going to let that stop me.. I joined for my family.. for my friends..for the people I know.. and for the people I don’t.. Now, no one wants to see me.. no one wants to look at me.. and know one wants to know me..”

I'm pinning the above picture because it's a sad story that more people should be aware of. I see nothing wrong with the above man and it's sad how war changes people's lives and no one seems to understand.

I love this!! I have been doing this to get back in shape. After the first day, just the first day, my butt was so
sore! It was awful, but also amazing to know that I had done a good job. I feel really accomplished and until I have access to a gym and my usual work out routines, this is working out pretty well for me.

This shirt is the cutest thing ever. If you know where I can find it, please leave a comment below!!! Please!!!

Since school is starting in two weeks, this is a great list of tips for students. I'm really excited to start using these tips and becoming a better student. 

I want this skirt. More than that, I NEED this skirt. My whole wedding dress was made of tulle, I've done ballet the majority of my life, tulle is kind of an essential for me. I found something on Pinterest a long time ago that showed how to make a skirt like this, but I need to get a sewing machine first. 

I absolutely love this hair color!! I love dying my hair and making it darker, and this color is perfect! 

I don't know why, but when I saw this I just fell in love. I don't know how I'd wear it and make it work, but it's just so darn cute! So I'm considering it...

I had so many more amazing pins recently! You can check them all out HERE. And feel free to follow me on Pinterest. This blog also has it's own Pinterest page, you can find that HERE, but it's usually just to pin blog posts, my personal Pinterest has the fun stuff. 

Sorry this post is so long, it's the picture's fault, I didn't actually say much. If you have any questions about the above pictures or where they came from, just leave a comment and I'll be happy to help you find your way! 

I also just wanted to say randomly, that I love my husband! While typing up this post, my husband made me some lunch and gave me the rest of his orange juice. That's true love right there. :) 

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