Thursday, August 8, 2013


Last night I had a nightmare. Anyone else in the world wouldn't think it was a nightmare, but to me it was. And here's exactly why it was a nightmare to me:

In my dream I was shopping with a friend. At the checkout, she said she would only pay for half. So I reluctantly handed over my credit card to pay for the other half. The total for my half was over $60! And that's how it became a nightmare. Because I'm unemployed and don't have $60 dollars to spend. I don't even have 60 cents! I have absolutely no money to my name, and am not even doing anything to get money!

So that's it. Those are the nightmares that I have. It's apparently stressing me out way to much that I'm unemployed. But I applied for some jobs yesterday and I'm really praying and crossing my fingers for them!! Wish me luck!! 

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