Monday, August 19, 2013

Motivation Monday:

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend like I did! I was crazy busy helping out with my best friend's wedding, but it was all worth it. Her reception was absolutely beautiful! Without a doubt the prettiest wedding I've been too. She looked gorgeous and so happy! They are so meant to be together and I love them both very much, and as I was reminded by them this weekend, it's all because of me that they got together. I'm a pretty great friend, just saying. ;)

In honor of them, this week's motivational quote is about love.

I love this quote because I have found in my almost 2 year relationship with my husband, that love is the most important thing in our lives and everything comes back to the solid base of love. Love is magical! It makes you happier than you've ever felt before! It brings you a peace and comfort. It takes away your fears. It means getting to have someone who will protect you and care for you for all your life and more!

If you are not presently in love, here's a quote for you:

I had been waiting to find a love like in the movies and TV shows, and that was wrong. When I stopped looking and I found Chris, it wasn't movie love, it was REAL LOVE. Don't look for the wrong things, look for reality and you'll find your one true love.

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