Monday, August 26, 2013

Motivation Monday: Back to School

So I just have a few quick things to say before I "motivate" you today. 

In about an hour, I start college classes again after taking a year off. While I told everyone I was taking it off to make more money, which was true, I had other reasons as well. I've really been struggling with college. I've failed multiple classes, I've dealt with drama and depression, I felt lonely and friend-less, I had a professor tell me my writing was awful, and it scarred me into not writing again.

I'm married now and living with the kindest, friendliest man alive. He works so hard to keep my happy and does a fantastic job at it! We both have a new "spirit" about us and both want to work hard to do well in school this year. While I'm still debating what my major should be, I am much more confident about this school year.

I had my professor tell me my writing was awful, and for a long time after that I didn't write. This coming from the girl who started writing stories and poems daily since third grade. I was mortified to write after what my professor had said, after failing me. I didn't want to write anymore because I didn't want to fail.

If you haven't already noticed, I've written over 300 posts on this blog in the last year, and I'm not slowing down now. I started this blog in the attempt to start writing again, and to forget what my professor had said, and it worked. I know some of these posts aren't the best, but I write this blog for me, and I write this blog to write. Since starting this blog I've been more confident in my writing and have started working on my book again. I have a new confidence in my writing, and I owe it to this blog and all my readers.

So thank you for reading my blog! You've helped me build up my confidence and you've helped me to get over a struggling time in my life. THANK YOU!!! 

Since I'm going back to school today, this week I really do need the motivation!! So here are some great quotes to help us all through our week! Good luck on your first days of school!! LET'S ALL MAKE THIS THE BEST SCHOOL YEAR EVER!!! 

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