Thursday, August 8, 2013

Meghan Rosette

Hey ya'all! So I know today isn't "Web Video Wednesday"... it's Thursday...  but I wanted to share with you all my newest favorite Youtube-er so you're getting two web video posts this week!

I only started watching her videos yesterday, but this girl is pretty dang adorable. She's an aspiring actress, a model, and she has almost 300 Youtube videos about fashion, hair, makeup, beauty, life, etc., and of the ones I've seen, they're pretty much worth watching. She's funny sometimes, very pretty and has this crazy tragic back story. She's very cool and has a very positive and bubbly personality which is why I feel she deserves to be featured on my blog! 

So here are a few of her videos for your enjoyment!!!

Okay, so I do realize she's a little crazy, but watching her videos just kind of make me happy. I really like her style and her hair tutorials. But if you watch her apartment tour video or her fashion shopping haul videos, you might just think she's a spoiled rich brat, which was the impression that I got. So I'm avoiding the videos where she shows off all the things she's bought, because I cannot buy anything

But I hope you at least semi-enjoyed these videos. She does have some really good ones and I think she is very cute. One final video for ya'all, here's her tragic background story. This video is awfully tragic but it kind of just made me like her more, because it made her a very real person to me. :) 

Well that's all for now. I know she would love if you would subscribe to her Youtube channel and share this post with everyone to spread the word (so please just click on her name that's in big letters at the top of this post, she'll appreciate it). Thanks for reading/watching! 

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