Thursday, August 15, 2013


So yesterday and today have been kind of crazy. Yesterday I woke up and went off to a job interview. At the interview they told me I was hired and sent me to a clinic to be drug tested. Today they called me up and told me when to come in for training. This is to be an alternate crossing guard.

I think being a crossing guard sounds fun! I'm always drawn to service oriented jobs, that's why I love working in daycares and want to be a teacher, because those things don't feel like work, it just feels like service, and I love that. I think working as a crossing guard will just feel like service as well. So I'm excited. I wish it was a full time position and I could do it everyday, but I'll take what I can get.

(I still haven't heard back from a dance teaching position that I would love. It fits perfectly into my schedule and I've been wanting to teach dance for so so long, I really really want this job!)

Today I got a phone call from my old boss from working as a custodian in the student center. I worked there for three year and had a really great time. I loved my boss, still do, she called me today and we're on great speaking terms, and she offered me my job back.

Honestly I have mixed feelings. I did love that job. It was a great job as a student (which I still am) it fits perfectly into my schedule and it pays enough to pay the majority of our rent. But I kind of wanted something new. I have nothing against custodial work, I enjoyed it and I wish more people would realize the things that we do to make a building look good, but I wanted a new experience.

I took my job back because while I wanted something new, I have been searching for the past three months and have applied for so many jobs (seriously, I applied for at least one job a day, usually more, you do the math) and after three months I had nothing to show for it, and only three interviews for the whole three months.

I'm not "settling" for my custodial job back, I've happy to go back! I really truly am. I just wish that in my three months of job searching someone else would have wanted me to work for them. I love working, I absolutely hate unemployment and the past three months have been filled with stress and depression because I felt like a total failure for not finding a job or getting any interviews.

Everyone kept asking me about it and constantly adding more pressure. "Why don't you have a job yet?" "Have you applied for this job yet?" "Maybe you aren't trying hard enough." "My job in Salt Lake would hire you." "You should try for this job." "You aren't doing enough, that's why you don't have a job yet."

It was so hard going through these past three months of unemployment. I hated it. My husband was always able to make me happy again temporarily, but when he went off to work it would just remind me that I didn't have anywhere to go. And from just moving back to Logan, I didn't have any friends to turn to either. The past three months have been absolutely horrible.

I am so excited that I get to start working again on Monday! It's even better because she called me, I didn't need an interview, I don't have to go through training, I know the job, I know the boss, and she sounded absolutely thrilled to have me come back, which is exactly the work environment I want to be in.

I'm excited to have a job again! I'm so so excited and I hope that everyone else can be excited for me too! :)

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