Sunday, August 4, 2013

Jackson Hole Trip 2013

This year was my favorite Jackson Hole trip ever!!! I've been going every year to my grandparent's condo since I was maybe eight, but this year was my favorite. I'm thinking it's because it was Chris's first year there, so I got to introduce my new husband to all the fun my family has up there.

So I took over 600 pictures in Jackson this year, but here are some (okay a lot) of my favorite ones.

Riding the mini train at the fair.

My sister riding on a buffalo

Figure Eight races (my favorite!!!)

Playing Apples to Apples while driving through Yellowstone.


Old Faithful

The hot pots, my favorite things in Yellowstone! 

This geyser never stopped!

The "gang".

I like this one because we got my brother, mom and grandma in the background. 

It was pouring rain and at first we all thought the buffalo hanging out by the bathrooms was fake, but once we realized that it was real, my husband and brother were so excited to go up to him. 

Also while standing near the bathrooms, I turned to see a man standing at the urinal in the men's bathroom.... They need to put doors on there... 

Nick complained that it looks photoshopped, but I swear it isn't.

Rain makes rainbows!!! 

The greatest parents in the world.

This is one of my other favorites in Yellowstone.

I just love everything about this picture. :)

I love this man!

We saw a ton of buffalo in Yellowstone, but getting close to the first one was the greatest thing ever. 

I love to canoe!

I honestly have the hardest time getting out of canoes. You would think after using this one for a couple years I would have learned. 

String Lake! I love my new swimsuit!!

My sister and I are very close. I love spending time with her!

When Chris went shopping with my dad and siblings, he came back with these beautiful flowers for me!! I am so spoiled and I love it!! :)

So Chris bought this hat in Jackson and I stole it to wear it, he wasn't very happy. Ha ha!

We rode the gondola to the top of the mountain! The view is incredible! 

This is my new Facebook profile picture. I just love it so much!

The view from the top. It's truly amazing!

These are the gondolas in Teton Village that we rode up on.

I love my sister!! (She's single boys (wink wink))

At the top of the gondola there is a restaurant called The Deck. We always get their sage fries and sometimes the mushrooms, this year we tried this strawberry shortcake. It was SO GOOD!!! It was a lemon pound cake with strawberries and a delicious whipped topping. It was so good and I want another! 

My brother is one of my best friends. :)

We hiked Snow King and this is the view from the top! 

You can tell we were exhausted and sweaty by the end. 

But we were happy we did it!

The whole hiking group (from left to right: My sister Michelle, my mom MariLee, Me, Chris, my cousin Ryan (he turns 16 tomorrow!! Also, he was crouching, he's actually taller than Chris and Nick), my brother Nick, my aunt Cherene, and my uncle Jeff)

Instead of hiking back down, we ride the ski lift. I dropped my "Happy Hybrid Smile" pin that I got in Disneyland while on the ski lift. I was sad but Chris told me a fox will be very happy to add it to his collection of items. Ha ha ha. We act like children all the time. 

Chris was most excited to go to Jackson so he could fish, so after hiking, we went with my brother and dad.

I was the first to catch a fish, my very first fish ever!!! I was so happy and I had a huge freakout. :)

My brother Nick fishing!

I got so so so so so so burnt!!! My ears were blistered from being so burnt! I didn't have any sunscreen so I started using my chapstick, because it's SPF 50. But at that point it was too late, I was already a burnt red lobster. :( 

I started taking action shots of Chris and Nick fishing. 

I had stopped fishing and put on a coat to keep me from getting any more sunburned. 

I like this picture because it has the Jackson Lake Dam, my dad, Nick and Chris all in the shot. It's really cool in my opinion. 

Chris loves otters.

The Elk Arch

"F" is for Farnes!! This is a book that was carved into an "F". They had all letters and numbers and they were funny to look through and read because things were cut out.

I love Jackson Hole!!! 

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