Friday, August 16, 2013

Fashion Friday: What I Want

So I don't have anything too exciting for this week's post, however, tonight and tomorrow I will be a bridesmaid for my best friend's wedding and have some pretty awesome outfits I'll be wearing! So for next week I'll show off all of those and also during the week I'll talk about the wedding.

I have known Lauren for what feels like my whole life, we didn't get along at first (she was very bossy and I was an extremely shy child who couldn't stand up for herself (I still can't sometimes)) but we ended up building a friendship that was so strong and so wonderful in every way. I absolutely adore Lauren and am so excited to be apart of her big day!

Lauren and Trevor, I am so so happy for the two of you!! You will love married life, it's so much fun! I love you both so much and am so happy to be there for you this weekend!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! 

Back to Fashion Friday... today I don't have anything good for you so I'm just going to show off some of my favorite Pinterest outfits that I want to buy. You can find all these images and more on my Pinterest page, found HERE

I'm a huge fan of this maxi skirt faze that's going on. I have two, but I really want more. I love the one above because it looks all flow-y and I love the color. I also love these shoes. 

I am so in love with this outfit. Everything about it. The shirt is so adorable and the pants and I love the bold shoe. It's just perfect. 

I really really really want these boots!! So so much!! 

I think this shirt is super cute! It would be so much fun to have. 

I love everything about this picture. Except the pearls, I'm not a pearl kind of girl. 

I love this so much and I wish that I had a skirt like this to wear to the wedding. I honestly don't know what to wear! I'm kind of freaking out!!

Sorry this is a fairly short post, but I honestly have to pack and get ready for this weekend. Thanks for reading!! 


  1. I love the second outfit, the shirt is adorable!


    1. I agree! And my closet mostly consists of black and white so it would be perfect for me.


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