Friday, July 19, 2013

When We're Away...

My husband and I do everything together. Partially because of my unemployment but also because we are just so very much in love!! Honestly, I could spend every second of everyday with him for the rest of my life. Which is basically what I vowed to do the day we got married, so we're on the right track!

However, yesterday I drove back to my hometown to throw a bridal shower for my best friend (which was a beautiful success!). After the shower, I spent the night at my parent's house... away from my husband.

It's just weird. It's honestly weird to be away from him. I have a hard time sleeping when he's not beside me. We aren't cuddly sleepers, but it's nice to have him there. I hate having to miss out on precious time we could be kissing. Honestly, I love kissing that man!

Basically this is a very short post to say that I love my husband and I hate being away from him. And looking at that picture makes me want acrylic nails again... hmm... maybe when I find a job I'll pamper myself a bit. :)

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