Monday, July 1, 2013

Welcome to July

Happy July 1st everyone! I always love July because of the sunshine and barbecues and flags and swimming and playing outside and being with my husband and parades and fireworks and family fun!

July is a great month. I'm very excited for this July. This week Chris and I are heading down to Sandy to see my brother marching in the parade!

My brother is a very talented tuba player. Although in the parade he'll be playing the sousaphone, which he is also very talented in. I'm excited to see him! This will be his first parade. :)

Chris works on the 4th of July, which I think is really dumb. I think businesses should be closed on the 4th. It's our nation's holiday! It's quite possibly the most important holiday there is! It doesn't seem fair that my husband has to deliver pizzas on the nation's birthday.

I'm still looking for a job and it's getting hard, we can't afford to pay our bills and are really struggling. We haven't gone grocery shopping in over a month. We only go to get important things like eggs or milk, but other than that we just eat whatever we already have, which is mostly soups, tortillas, and frozen foods. But we are okay because we're just happy to be married and to be together all the time.

I hate the feeling that I'm putting all our financial pressures on him though. I want to be working. I hate making him work hard to get us money. He's even been donating plasma for extra money. I just wish I could contribute more. I really want to find a job soon.

I've had two very successful interviews with Anniversary Inn and should receive a call this week about it. I really want this job. It's something I know I would love and be good at. I could really do this job and keep wishing and praying that I'll get it. Wish me luck!

Basically I just wanted to tell my readers that I hope you all have great July plans coming up! Welcome to July!

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