Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pinterest Sundays: Babies, Beds, Talia, Weight Loss, Harry Potter, and Demi Lovato!

I have a board on my Pinterest called "Kids are so Darn Cute!" and I couldn't resist pinning this adorable child onto it! This picture just melts my heart! At the bridal shower I hosted this week they were trying to figure out who of the two brides-to-be would have kids first. They were both complaining about kids and saying they just like playing with them for a little while and as soon as they start to cry, they don't want them anymore. I'm not like that at all. When I see a baby cry, I just want to hold them and make everything better. I love kids so much! I need to work in a daycare again because I really don't want to have a baby till I finish school.

Also, this pin had a quote with it: "Take time to laugh -it is the music of the soul." (from an old English prayer). I really like this quote.

So I pinned this picture because 1. This bedroom is very cute and organized and I wish mine was cute and organized and 2. I REALLY want to get and/or make an end bench like this one. I think it would complete our bedroom and make it much better. But pink or coral wouldn't go in our room. We'd need red or black or white (which were our wedding colors and the colors everyone bought for us for wedding gifts). The pin is linked HERE, and I highly request you check it out because there are tons of other beautiful bedrooms on that link!!

This beautiful little girl passed away this week and I was so sad about it. She's was so incredibly beautiful and talented and had the most amazing heart and spirit. I know there is a very special place in heaven for people like her. Here is one of her makeup tutorials that I watched recently and am in love with:

50 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds! I read through all of these and they are really easy tips! Please click on the link because it's totally worth your time.

I read through all these Harry Potter facts for fun the other day (because I literally have nothing better to do with my life). Chris loves Scotland and wants to live there someday. He served his LDS mission in and around Edinburgh and so I told him when we visit Scotland, we are visiting this hotel.

I've written before about how much I love Demi Lovato. She is beautiful and talented and a wonderful role model and inspiration to me, despite the fact that she's younger. I really truly look up to her. I love this quote.

So I pinned a lot this week and with I could share it all with you... so click HERE to see all my pins! I love you readers!

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