Monday, July 22, 2013

Nothing to Write...

I have a goal to write on this blog everyday... but I literally can't think of anything to write today. So here's the random musing that come to my brain... WITH PICTURES!!!

My husband is growing out his facial hair. YAY! Lot's of people think I'm weird for liking his facial hair, but I think it's sexy! Sometimes he has a creeper stache and looks at me weird like this:

But it's fine. Because I still love him no matter what he looks like. :)

My husband really like otters. When we went to the zoo he held hands with this otter and made me take a picture. Otters are cute. They hold hands with their companions while their sleeping. I read that Harry Potter thing about Harry waking up in the 7th book and finding Ron and Hermionie holding hand in their sleep and Hermione's patronus is an otter!! How exciting is that? And Ron's patronus is a Jack Russel terrier which are known to chase after otters... apparently...

I took a picture with the seal at the zoo because I thought it was cute. But I'll be completely honest, that's a fake smile, because I had surgery that morning and I was in a lot of pain at this point. :( I haven't written about my "procedure" (not exactly a surgery) yet on my blog because it's very personal. But I do want to write about it, because it changed my attitude about life. For reals.

Our table broke recently. Everything on it collapsed to the ground. Including my laptop, which somehow landed underneath the pink pillow thing, and my cell phone, which the glass cut up the screen a bit, which I really don't care about that much because I'm not a fan of my phone. It's okay though because we didn't love that table much anyways. But it came with the apartment so we'll have to pay for it eventually. But we've decided not to tell the manager till we actually have the money to pay for it. Although, we kept the frame and it's very likely we'd just have to replace the glass.

Apparently The Wizard of Oz is "Coming Soon" to IMAX 3D! I've always loved The Wizard of Oz. I'm a huge fan of this movie because it just makes me happy! However, there is no IMAX theater in Logan. So who knows if it'll actually play up here in the middle of nowhere.

My husband is a very sexy fisherman. I love how passionate he is about fishing and how much joy he finds in doing it. He's so cute. He's also very good at catching fish, then cooking them for dinner. He's made them taste very good every time. Last night we had a delicious dinner of fish in rice bowls with vegetables. So so yummy!!! But he made a very big mess... which wasn't very fun... but it was very good and I love my husband for his cooking abilities. Because I'm not a fan of cooking.

Well, I guess the majority of this post is about how much I love my husband. I honestly am the luckiest girl in the whole wide world! :)

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