Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Two Month Anniversary

As of today, Chris and I have been married for two months! And we couldn't be any happier! :)

Yesterday we took a break from job hunting, cleaning, working etc. to celebrate this occasion by using the rest of our gift cards given to us for our wedding. We have gift cards to Macy's, Tai Pan, Target and Applebees, all of which are not located in Logan. So we drove down to Layton to get all our shopping done. 

I thoroughly enjoyed our shopping trip! We got a cow shaped chalk board (so cute, pictures to come!!), a flower vase, a money jar, a Britta water pitcher and I got a shirt. We stopped by Chris's parent's house in Kaysville to trade cars (it's a whole long car story I'm not going to go into). We had a long conversation about movies and missions, and afterwards Chris's dad suggested that they take us out to dinner and we could save our Applebee's gift card for later. So we shared a wonderful meal at Pepperbellys.

I absolutely adore this place! This was my second visit there and both times it was amazing. It has this adorable retro service station feel to it. They play all fifties and sixties music. And they serve AMAZING Mexican food. It is seriously so delicious! When you first sit down they bring you warm chips and salsa that are normal, but good. Last night I got the smothered chicken burrito. It was absolutely delicious and it filled me up! It was a fantastic dinner and I had wonderful company with my husband and his parents. 

I'm so happy to be married to Chris. We love sharing every moment together and we're having a blast being married! And the best part, everyday just keeps getting better. :) 

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