Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My 2013 Resolutions

So we are halfway through the year 2013, which in my opinion went by super fast. This is a crazy year. I got married, I moved back to Logan, I'm starting school again in the fall... crazy. :)

So at the beginning of the year I made 10 New Years Resolutions. Since we're halfway through the year I figure now would be a good time to look back at those resolutions and see how well I'm doing and remind myself to keep working on some of them. So here are my 2013 resolutions and what I've been doing on them.

1. To limit my income of sugar and salt. (Okay, so this one I was doing pretty good at before my wedding. I didn't eat any sugar and salt in order to fit in my wedding dress.... but after the wedding I kind of lost it. I've gained about ten pounds since getting married, so I need to work on this goal some more again.)

2. To learn to love cooking. (I haven't worked on this one. I was lucky to marry a guy who is great at cooking and doesn't mind doing it. But I did cook something special that was very very delicious!! You can find it HERE.)

3. To become more flexible. (I haven't been working on this one either, however, I was stretching the other day and did my left splits completely. So I haven't lost any flexibility, which is good, but I want to be stronger in my flexibility, so I'll keep working on that.)

4. To become a better friend. (Yeah... I don't have anything to say on this one. I current don't have any friends in Logan except my husband, but when school starts I'll work on that...)

5. To work harder for my education. (I don't know if I'm accomplishing this or not. School hasn't started yet. But I am super excited for school and making sure I have all the right tools and study time for this semester. I'm so excited!!!)

6. To learn ways to spend less money. (Well I don't spend money right now because I have none. So I guess I'm doing this, in a way.)

7. To (finally) get my six pack. (Again, I worked on it at the beginning of the year before my wedding, but I'm failing at it now. Actually, no, I'm giving myself credit because I did a lot of abs workouts today. So I'm working on it.)

8. To be more organized and clean. (I am slightly surprised that our apartment stays as clean as it does. If you would have seen my bedroom before I got married you would never know it to be possible, but we work together and do a great job at keeping our apartment clean. We struggle, but we're still getting used to things.)

9. To blog more. (I regret to say I have not been doing this. This year, as stated above, has been crazy. With wedding plans, honeymoons, busy work schedules to zero work, this year has been filled with ups and downs and craziness that has kept me from writing as much as I would like. But lately I've been doing a bit better. We'll see though. The goal is to write everyday.)

10. To love Chris more each and every day. (I am very proud to say that I do follow this. I can honestly say I love Chris more than I did at the beginning of the year. I love him more now than I did when we got married. Heck, I love him more today than I did yesterday! I'm so happy to be married to him. We're having the best time in the world and being married to my best friend is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.)

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