Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dear Companies in Logan, Utah ...

Dear Companies in Logan, Utah,

My name is Kaylee. I'm twenty-two years old, recently married and a student at USU. I got my first job at the age of fifteen, working as a teacher's assistant at Sylvan Learning Center. From there I continued to work many other jobs, and finding ways to love everyone of them. In the 6 years I've been in the working field I have always considered myself a dedicated employee, and so have my employers. In fact, I'm still friends with many of my past employers.

I am very good at being on time. I am never late for work without a reason previously worked out with my manager. I also hardly ever ask for time off work. I've always worked through sickness (unless I literally can't move) and times when I'm feeling sad or stressed. More importantly, I don't believe I've ever let my emotional or physical condition affect my work in any way.

I always strive to do my very best, every day. I'm not one to sit around and do nothing. I'm always looking for more work to be done. I like to keep things organized and clean in the work area. I like to make customers happy. In fact, that's one of my favorite things about working, customer service. I love working with the customers and doing everything I possibly can to help them out and make them have a better day.

I have worked as a custodian, a childcare provider, a medical receptionist, a cashier, and more. And no matter what the job, I adapt quickly to the new environment and learn to love my job.

I love working. I love feeling like I'm accomplishing something with my life. I love making my own living and being able to afford my apartment (which I currently cannot). I love the feeling of helping customers. I love learning new things. I love interacting with my coworkers and the customers. I love providing a service. I love being productive with my days. I love spending my time feeling like I'm accomplishing something important and doing something for the greater good. I love to work. I love having a job.

I currently am unemployed and feel as if I've applied for everything I can in Logan, yet have only received one interview so far. For about two months I've been working hard to find a job and have found myself so profoundly unsuccessful that I'm beginning to feel more and more anxious, applying for any job in sight.

I hate not working. I hate not being able to afford my apartment. I hate putting so much pressure on my dear sweet husband to make money with his low paying job and by donating plasma. I hate having to ask my parents for some money to help us get by. I hate feeling stuck and useless with nothing to do. I hate not having a job.

So, to all the companies in Logan, Utah, I am available for hire!! I'm a quick learner. I'm available basically anytime you want/need. I'm getting a little desperate so I'll take anything. I love working, I really truly do and I always work my very hardest. So please, Logan, help me find a job soon.

Love, Kaylee

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