Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cow Appreciation Day!

This last Friday was Cow Appreciation Day! For as long as I've known my husband, we have always celebrated this wonderful holiday together. This year we dressed in our black and white and headed out to get F'reals. If you have not yet had a F'real before, you better go find one ASAP!! It is the best milkshake ever! We chose to eat F'reals because cows produce milk, and obviously there is milk in milkshakes. So we were celebrating one of the many things cows do for us! ;)

We also enjoyed a pizza, because cows also produce cheese. I was sporting my amazing cow earrings and necklace, because they are just that awesome. 

We also had important things to do that day, like driving my grandma to Brigham City and taking her dog, Kabe, to the doggie kennel.

Kabe was really funny. They put him in the kennel and he ran out and started racing out of the room, trying to get out of the building. Chris had to go catch him and put him back in the kennel. Kabe is just sort of lost without my Grandma. He won't even try to play with anyone else if my Grandma isn't around. It's funny. He's very attached.

We had a very enjoyable Cow Appreciation Day and I hope you all did too! :)

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