Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Web Video Wednesday: Guy on a Buffalo

Two days ago I had the wonderful opportunity to get up close and personal with a wild buffalo. It was thrilling. My husband got much closer than I did and it was kind of scary (more on this story later). In honor of the buffalo, I bring you one of my favorite web videos ever, Guy on a Buffalo.

Be sure to check out the other Guy on a Buffalo videos!!! :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thought of the Day

I need a job. I'm just so so so so so so so so so so so so so frustrated!!! I can't handle unemployment anymore! I give up. I'm applying for Wal-mart and McDonalds. I can't afford to be picky anymore.

Everybody Dance Routine 2013

I love dance. I LOVE LOVE LOVE TO DANCE!!! So I always love National Dance Day! I love that the Dizzy Feet Foundation works to create this dance routine for everyone to do on National Dance Day!  So I'm planning on making my husband learn this dance routine (which will be fun because he can't dance) and my sister and brother and then we can all do it together in the park!! :)

I'm also happy to share the dance routine on here as well. I hope you all take the time celebrate National Dance Day with me! Enjoy! Don't forget to learn the routine!

I can't link the video the way I normally do, so just click HERE!!!! 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Web Video Wednesday: Fishtail Braid and Popular

I have been waiting semi impatiently since Sunday to put this video up!! I'm so excited to share it with you because it is by far the easiest way I've seen to fishtail braid. After watching the video once I went in my bathroom and did it as easy as that. And it looked good too!! So if you haven't already perfected fishtail braids, please check out this awesome tutorial! You'll love it!

PS, I was not wear extensions, but for some reason it gave a slightly thicker appearance than a regular braid. I'll post a picture of mine soon!

I also want to add my newest favorite song/music video. I love Ariana Grande!!! Lately she's my hair and makeup inspiration. And I'm just so in love with her voice. She's incredibly talented. Check out her covers on Youtube, they're pretty amazing.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


My friends just had their baby!!! CONGRATS KYLE AND TIFFANY!!! I am so happy for you two to start your little family! I can't wait to see her! I love you both very much! ...PS, I'm very happy to babysit anytime you want! ;)

So to celebrate, here are some adorable pictures of babies from my Pinterest board. :)

Ahh!!! I have a million adorable pictures!!! I don't want to stop!! But just check out my Pinterest to see more. But I have to end on this one: 

Also today I got a wedding invitation in the mail. It's a great day for my friends apparently.... I haven't even done my makeup today. 

My 2013 Resolutions

So we are halfway through the year 2013, which in my opinion went by super fast. This is a crazy year. I got married, I moved back to Logan, I'm starting school again in the fall... crazy. :)

So at the beginning of the year I made 10 New Years Resolutions. Since we're halfway through the year I figure now would be a good time to look back at those resolutions and see how well I'm doing and remind myself to keep working on some of them. So here are my 2013 resolutions and what I've been doing on them.

1. To limit my income of sugar and salt. (Okay, so this one I was doing pretty good at before my wedding. I didn't eat any sugar and salt in order to fit in my wedding dress.... but after the wedding I kind of lost it. I've gained about ten pounds since getting married, so I need to work on this goal some more again.)

2. To learn to love cooking. (I haven't worked on this one. I was lucky to marry a guy who is great at cooking and doesn't mind doing it. But I did cook something special that was very very delicious!! You can find it HERE.)

3. To become more flexible. (I haven't been working on this one either, however, I was stretching the other day and did my left splits completely. So I haven't lost any flexibility, which is good, but I want to be stronger in my flexibility, so I'll keep working on that.)

4. To become a better friend. (Yeah... I don't have anything to say on this one. I current don't have any friends in Logan except my husband, but when school starts I'll work on that...)

5. To work harder for my education. (I don't know if I'm accomplishing this or not. School hasn't started yet. But I am super excited for school and making sure I have all the right tools and study time for this semester. I'm so excited!!!)

6. To learn ways to spend less money. (Well I don't spend money right now because I have none. So I guess I'm doing this, in a way.)

7. To (finally) get my six pack. (Again, I worked on it at the beginning of the year before my wedding, but I'm failing at it now. Actually, no, I'm giving myself credit because I did a lot of abs workouts today. So I'm working on it.)

8. To be more organized and clean. (I am slightly surprised that our apartment stays as clean as it does. If you would have seen my bedroom before I got married you would never know it to be possible, but we work together and do a great job at keeping our apartment clean. We struggle, but we're still getting used to things.)

9. To blog more. (I regret to say I have not been doing this. This year, as stated above, has been crazy. With wedding plans, honeymoons, busy work schedules to zero work, this year has been filled with ups and downs and craziness that has kept me from writing as much as I would like. But lately I've been doing a bit better. We'll see though. The goal is to write everyday.)

10. To love Chris more each and every day. (I am very proud to say that I do follow this. I can honestly say I love Chris more than I did at the beginning of the year. I love him more now than I did when we got married. Heck, I love him more today than I did yesterday! I'm so happy to be married to him. We're having the best time in the world and being married to my best friend is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Nothing to Write...

I have a goal to write on this blog everyday... but I literally can't think of anything to write today. So here's the random musing that come to my brain... WITH PICTURES!!!

My husband is growing out his facial hair. YAY! Lot's of people think I'm weird for liking his facial hair, but I think it's sexy! Sometimes he has a creeper stache and looks at me weird like this:

But it's fine. Because I still love him no matter what he looks like. :)

My husband really like otters. When we went to the zoo he held hands with this otter and made me take a picture. Otters are cute. They hold hands with their companions while their sleeping. I read that Harry Potter thing about Harry waking up in the 7th book and finding Ron and Hermionie holding hand in their sleep and Hermione's patronus is an otter!! How exciting is that? And Ron's patronus is a Jack Russel terrier which are known to chase after otters... apparently...

I took a picture with the seal at the zoo because I thought it was cute. But I'll be completely honest, that's a fake smile, because I had surgery that morning and I was in a lot of pain at this point. :( I haven't written about my "procedure" (not exactly a surgery) yet on my blog because it's very personal. But I do want to write about it, because it changed my attitude about life. For reals.

Our table broke recently. Everything on it collapsed to the ground. Including my laptop, which somehow landed underneath the pink pillow thing, and my cell phone, which the glass cut up the screen a bit, which I really don't care about that much because I'm not a fan of my phone. It's okay though because we didn't love that table much anyways. But it came with the apartment so we'll have to pay for it eventually. But we've decided not to tell the manager till we actually have the money to pay for it. Although, we kept the frame and it's very likely we'd just have to replace the glass.

Apparently The Wizard of Oz is "Coming Soon" to IMAX 3D! I've always loved The Wizard of Oz. I'm a huge fan of this movie because it just makes me happy! However, there is no IMAX theater in Logan. So who knows if it'll actually play up here in the middle of nowhere.

My husband is a very sexy fisherman. I love how passionate he is about fishing and how much joy he finds in doing it. He's so cute. He's also very good at catching fish, then cooking them for dinner. He's made them taste very good every time. Last night we had a delicious dinner of fish in rice bowls with vegetables. So so yummy!!! But he made a very big mess... which wasn't very fun... but it was very good and I love my husband for his cooking abilities. Because I'm not a fan of cooking.

Well, I guess the majority of this post is about how much I love my husband. I honestly am the luckiest girl in the whole wide world! :)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pinterest Sundays: Babies, Beds, Talia, Weight Loss, Harry Potter, and Demi Lovato!

I have a board on my Pinterest called "Kids are so Darn Cute!" and I couldn't resist pinning this adorable child onto it! This picture just melts my heart! At the bridal shower I hosted this week they were trying to figure out who of the two brides-to-be would have kids first. They were both complaining about kids and saying they just like playing with them for a little while and as soon as they start to cry, they don't want them anymore. I'm not like that at all. When I see a baby cry, I just want to hold them and make everything better. I love kids so much! I need to work in a daycare again because I really don't want to have a baby till I finish school.

Also, this pin had a quote with it: "Take time to laugh -it is the music of the soul." (from an old English prayer). I really like this quote.

So I pinned this picture because 1. This bedroom is very cute and organized and I wish mine was cute and organized and 2. I REALLY want to get and/or make an end bench like this one. I think it would complete our bedroom and make it much better. But pink or coral wouldn't go in our room. We'd need red or black or white (which were our wedding colors and the colors everyone bought for us for wedding gifts). The pin is linked HERE, and I highly request you check it out because there are tons of other beautiful bedrooms on that link!!

This beautiful little girl passed away this week and I was so sad about it. She's was so incredibly beautiful and talented and had the most amazing heart and spirit. I know there is a very special place in heaven for people like her. Here is one of her makeup tutorials that I watched recently and am in love with:

50 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds! I read through all of these and they are really easy tips! Please click on the link because it's totally worth your time.

I read through all these Harry Potter facts for fun the other day (because I literally have nothing better to do with my life). Chris loves Scotland and wants to live there someday. He served his LDS mission in and around Edinburgh and so I told him when we visit Scotland, we are visiting this hotel.

I've written before about how much I love Demi Lovato. She is beautiful and talented and a wonderful role model and inspiration to me, despite the fact that she's younger. I really truly look up to her. I love this quote.

So I pinned a lot this week and with I could share it all with you... so click HERE to see all my pins! I love you readers!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Cinderella Story

It's an exciting moment in your life when you realize your wedding dress looks awfully similar to the dress in A Cinderella Story. I think my favorite part about my dress that it was so different from all my friends. It had feathers, it had a giant skirt, and I was the first person in Utah to buy it!!! :) Yay me!

Anyways, the main point of this post is to tell how much I love the movie A Cinderella Story! My roommates and I used to watch it on a weekly basis. We would quote it daily. It's just so fantastic! So while my husband is fishing with his friend, I'm busy watching A Cinderella Story, because it makes me smile.

Friday, July 19, 2013

When We're Away...

My husband and I do everything together. Partially because of my unemployment but also because we are just so very much in love!! Honestly, I could spend every second of everyday with him for the rest of my life. Which is basically what I vowed to do the day we got married, so we're on the right track!

However, yesterday I drove back to my hometown to throw a bridal shower for my best friend (which was a beautiful success!). After the shower, I spent the night at my parent's house... away from my husband.

It's just weird. It's honestly weird to be away from him. I have a hard time sleeping when he's not beside me. We aren't cuddly sleepers, but it's nice to have him there. I hate having to miss out on precious time we could be kissing. Honestly, I love kissing that man!

Basically this is a very short post to say that I love my husband and I hate being away from him. And looking at that picture makes me want acrylic nails again... hmm... maybe when I find a job I'll pamper myself a bit. :)
<img src='' />

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Web Video Wednesday: Harry Potter Puppet Pals

Here's a little song about Draco Malfoy. It's a great song and I enjoy it very much. And as an added bonus I'm including a second video today!!! The one that started my love the the Potter Puppet Pals. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Favorite Fictional Music Artists

The School of Rock (from School of Rock)

This movie was the movie my husband and I watched on our would-be first date (very long story)! I have always loved this movie! It's funny, it's pretty much awesome and this band is amazing!

Samantha James (from Just Friends)

Okay, this one is a bit of a stretch because she's actually a terrible singer. But it's just too funny. I love this movie so much because it makes me laugh and reminds me of my best friend Kristina every time (I miss you Kristina! Come back to Logan! You can live in my guest room!).

Ricky Ricardo (from I Love Lucy)

How can anyone listen to that kind of music and not smile? Ricky Ricardo is the greatest! I Love Lucy was the best and funniest show and it deserves a lot more attention than it gets. I love it and you should too!

The Cheetah Girls (from The Cheetah Girls)

Their outfits through that whole movie were funny. But they really did have good voices, I've always loved Raven's voice, and they could dance. I like them.

Link Larkin (from Hairspray)

Just look at him! How could you not love him??? (sorry husband) This movie is one of my favorites and Zac Efron is always one of my favorites. :)

Love Handel (from Phineas and Ferb)

This show is great and this is one of my favorite episodes. If you only want to watch one episode of Phineas and Ferb, make it this one.

Robin Sparkles (from How I Met Your Mother)

This is one of the ring-tones on my phone because I'm so in love with this song! Robin Sparkles is the greatest! When they added this to How I Met Your Mother, it just made the whole show significantly better, and I'm in love with the show.

New Directions (from Glee)

I used to love Glee. I watched the first two seasons and then I just kind of stopped. But I've never stopped loving the songs they continue to make (and I was very sad to hear of Cory Monteith's death the other day, he was always a favorite).

Phineas and the Ferb-Tones (from Phineas and Ferb)

I have this song on my iPod. But the extended version, this version is very repetitive... Anyways, this song just makes me smile, so I like it.

Drake Parker (from Drake and Josh)

I always loved his voice. Very talented indeed. And this scene is just cute. Speaking of Drake and Josh, here is one of my favorite Youtube videos:

I hate the show their on. Dumbest show ever. But these two girls are incredibly talented.

Cora Corman (from Music and Lyrics)

I decided not to put an actually video, because you see a glimpse of her wardrobe in the beginning of this video, but I didn't want to show her dancing. Not on this blog anyways. But I secretly love her songs and think she's a very good singer. And this movie is fantastic!

The Bikini Bottom Super Band (from Spongebob Squarepants)

...only because I really wish my brother's marching bad would do this... And this is by far the best Spongebob episode there ever was.

The Oneders or The Wonders (from That Thing You Do)

This is the best song!!!! Ever!!! It's so fun and catchy and this movie is good too (I think, I always watched it when I was younger and would fall asleep, but I'm going to re-watch it soon).

Phoebe Buffay (from Friends)

I have no words. I just love Friends!

POP (from Music and Lyrics)

Best. Song. Ever.

Eight Hours

Today, after two months of unemployment, I spent eight hours of my day working in a plastics company, doing packaging and what-not. Eight freaking hours.

I used to work eight hours at the daycare all the time and loved it. I love working long hours and feeling accomplished. And it was super fun because it was eight hours I got to spend playing with little kid. What on earth could be better than that?

But these eight hours were different. Very very different. So here's a little play-by-play of how it went down.

3:00 PM

I receive a phone call from the temp agency that I had applied to that morning. They said they had a really great job doing production for a company. They needed someone right away to work from 3:50 to 12:20. Because I'm desperate for money, I agreed. And Chris and I left Home Depot, ignoring our errands, and headed back home so I could change and get to this job.

3:45 PM

I arrive at the job after feeling a little lost from the long drive in an unfamiliar part of town (technically not in town, it wasn't actually in Logan, but close enough). They greet me warmly and invite me in. I begin to watch the whole production process that I will be doing. By watching I'm able to figure most of it out.

3:30 PM

I have been working for a half hour and everything was great! I was on the first station, lying things in order on a conveyor belt. Simple.  It was easy and I liked it. The radio was on and I was singing along and sort of dancing around. It was great.

6:00 PM

I'm thinking, "Wow! It's six already! That went by way fast!" By this point I'd had already switched stations twice. I learned to put the bottles into the little gray things and put them on the conveyor belt with the hole on the right. I learned how to put the cap things on the bottles. And I was in the process of learning how to take the bottles off the conveyor belt, take the gray things off, shake the bottles to make sure they weren't leaking, wipe off any liquid and put the bottle in the box. Simple.

8:00 PM

We were given a break. At which point I was very relieved. I went into the break room and bought a water and listened to group of people laughing hysterically about something in Spanish (man I wish I could understand Spanish). I called my dad back after he had called me three times while I had been working. My dad was incredibly enthusiastic about the fact that I was working. He was saying how great it was and how excited he was for me. Then he put my mom on the phone and she recognized the tone in my voice saying that this job isn't all the great.

8:30 PM

Break is over and we head back to the production room. I learn the final station where you sit at the machine and put the bottle and the other things into these tubes and then they go into the plastic thing and then you press the thing with your foot and it seals the plastic and VOILA! the product is finished!

9:00 PM

I'm thinking, man my foot hurts. It was getting really annoying to press that thing with my foot. I can drive for hours but I can't press a knob with my foot for half an hour?

9:30 PM

We switch stations again and I'm relieved. I'm back to the first station, which I decided I like the best.

10:20 PM

I realize just how much my back, which already had a pulled muscle from working out, hurts. It gets really hard on your back to keep bending over and putting things on a conveyor belt. Also at this point I decide that I don't want to do this anymore. I just want to go home and have my husband hold me.

10:40 PM

IT appears...

The largest spider...

That I have ever seen...

And my heart starts beating a million beats a second. And I feel myself hyperventilating. And having a horrible anxiety attack. And for the next twenty-five minutes I'm working at a slower pace, keeping my eye on this giant spider to make sure it doesn't attack me. I HATE SPIDERS!!!

10:50 PM

Seeing the spider reminds me that earlier a giant fly flew into my hair. Which really irritated me, but it was a fly, so it wasn't the end of the world.

11:10 PM

I'm over at the other station, away from the spider. But I can't stop thinking about it...

11:20 PM

IT runs across the floor!! It stops in the middle of the floor and just sits there.... waiting to do something evil, I'm sure of it! So I continue working, but keeping my eye on the spider. Then I look at it, and think, this doesn't look like the same spider... Are there two spiders???

11:25 PM

 I get a bit closer and realize it is the same spider. But my panic attack doesn't end. I begin to think, "It's in the middle of the floor! How am I the only one who sees this thing? Why can't someone else see it and kill it and end my misery!!!!!" And while I turn away for one second to place the bottle on the conveyor belt... IT DISAPPEARS!!

11:30 PM

I'm panicking!! Where is this spider? What is it doing? I'm feeling itchy all over!! I'm freaking out!

11:35 PM

I see it again! It's behind the boxes! It's hiding, waiting to commit its evil schemes!

11:40 PM

Someone moves the box and the spider goes running! Why doesn't anyone else see it??? I begin to realize I'm the only one who sees this spider. And why? Why am I the only one who sees it? Why can't I be like everyone else? I think I would like that better, to have never seen it. To remain innocent. Why couldn't I have remained innocent?

11:50 PM

This boy is messing with the boxes and spider is just running back and forth and I'm thinking "WHY ON EARTH CAN'T THIS BOY SEE THIS SPIDER???"

11:55 PM

I start getting really excited realizing that all the people enter the room are there to take over my job! YAY!! I'm so ready to go home!!

12:00 PM

I'm sick of them training these people about the stations, just let them take over my job already! ...I still haven't forgotten about the spider. And I'm watching as the girl is sweeping the floor, waiting for her to discover its evilness. And then it occurs to me that my purse is sitting on the floor... on the floor... the same floor that this giant evil spider is crawling all over!!!!

12:05 PM

No one has discovered this spider yet! And worse, I don't even know where it is!! Where is this spider?? What is it doing? What are its evil plans? When will it attack???

12:10 PM

Times up! I'm done! I very slowly pick my purse off the floor and shake it a little.

12:20 PM

I finally get to leave! I run into the dark, into the rain to my car, freaking out that I'm in the dark in the middle of no where and I'm scared and freaking out!

12:35 PM

I realize I'm lost. Don't know where to go. It's dark. My car's lights are really bright. A creepy truck driver is following me. Where on earth is the highway?!

12:40 PM

I finally find the highway. It's a quick route back to my apartment. I'm so relieved!! I get to go home! I get to see my husband!!

12:45 PM

MY HUSBAND ISN'T THERE!!! Why isn't my husband home? It's 12:45 PM!!

12:55 PM

My husband walks in the door, I run to him, hold him tighter than I ever have before and say, "I know we need money, but please don't make me do that again."


NOTE: I do realize that the last sentence makes me sound really selfish. But don't worry, it's not true, I'm just being dramatic. If they needed me to do the job again, I'd do it. But I'd maybe wear boots to make me feel more protected from spiders on the floor. OH!! And it was fun because I got to wear GOGGLES!!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

2:51 AM

It is currently 2:51.... no wait, now 2:52 AM. I am not sleeping because my stomach hurts and my mind is a buzz with all the things I have to do tomorrow. I'm also stressed. Very very stressed. But what ever would someone who is a newlywed and unemployed have to worry about??? Unemployment.

Everyday I just feel like a failure. I've been applying for jobs for two months and have nothing to show for it. I haven't even been getting interviews! I've had one interview during this whole process. If I was getting more interviews, at least, I wouldn't feel like such a failure.

I've always been good at finding and getting jobs but this time around things are not going in my favor. I've just been sitting at home, applying like crazy and getting fat. Okay, not fat, but I have gained a lot of weight since my wedding. There's no way I'd fit in my wedding dress now. I'm working on that. I've started working out again and it makes me feel better.

But I only wish I could find a job soon. It's causes insomnia. It might be the cause of my stomach issues right now (I doubt it, but we'll go with that for now). And it causes my self-esteem to drop WAY low. And it doesn't help that every day I have someone asking me, "Have you found a job yet?" Nope. Because I'm a failure.

But here I am at 3:00 AM filling out job applications online because I can't sleep. Because why not cure my insomnia by applying for jobs? Sounds logical to me.


So, I can't let this whole post be depressing!! Today I had a wonderful relaxing Sunday with my husband. Sundays are always for movies! We watched a lot of movies today. We watched Up, Despicable Me, The Amazing Spider-man and Captain America. I love all these movies very much! (Notice that we went in order from child movie to adult. Also, notice that I linked all those titles to IMDB. This is because I LOVE IMBD! One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is go on IMDB and look up one of my favorite movies then go to the "Trivia" on it. I've learned some very interesting and amazing things by doing that.)

We also went on our traditional Sunday walk. I love our Sunday walks because we hold hands and walk around and enjoy each other's company. Today we found a secret pathway!! We'll go back and I'll get pictures because it was very cool! We saw a pheasant and goats and an adorable wind-mill thingy and it went past a river (that's not really a river) and it felt like trespassing but it was so much fun! I'm definitely getting pictures next time.

I always enjoy Sundays being married. We get to be lazy and no one judges us because it's a "day of rest". :) Good times, always good times.

Oh! This week I'm throwing my best friend a bridal shower and I will have lots of pictures to show for that when it's over. Today I made a really cute decoration for it and I'm very excited! It should be really great! Lauren, start getting excited!!! :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pinterest Sundays: Money, Dance, Lizzie McGuire, Walt Disney and Pixar.

Sundays are the day that I spend a very lengthy amount of time on Pinterest. Sundays will now also be when I post some of my favorite "Pins" onto this blog to spread them around. So here we go. Here are my favorite Pins of the day. :)

To go directly to the Pin's link, click HERE. I really liked seeing this today, because we really are living paycheck to paycheck, and this had some really good tips. :)

I saw this picture and it just made me so happy! I've decided I want to start doing ballet again. I'm registered for a ballet class fall semester and I'm really excited for it.

The caption for this one is 25 Important Fashion Lessons From Lizzie McGuire. I used to watch this show a lot and this list is really funny. I think you should check it out and laugh.

I'm currently obsessed with this quote. It's the best one I've seen in a long time and it's been making me feel a bit better about not having a job yet.

I really like this image and the tips on it because I love writing stories, and these are fantastic tips for writers.

Cow Appreciation Day!

This last Friday was Cow Appreciation Day! For as long as I've known my husband, we have always celebrated this wonderful holiday together. This year we dressed in our black and white and headed out to get F'reals. If you have not yet had a F'real before, you better go find one ASAP!! It is the best milkshake ever! We chose to eat F'reals because cows produce milk, and obviously there is milk in milkshakes. So we were celebrating one of the many things cows do for us! ;)

We also enjoyed a pizza, because cows also produce cheese. I was sporting my amazing cow earrings and necklace, because they are just that awesome. 

We also had important things to do that day, like driving my grandma to Brigham City and taking her dog, Kabe, to the doggie kennel.

Kabe was really funny. They put him in the kennel and he ran out and started racing out of the room, trying to get out of the building. Chris had to go catch him and put him back in the kennel. Kabe is just sort of lost without my Grandma. He won't even try to play with anyone else if my Grandma isn't around. It's funny. He's very attached.

We had a very enjoyable Cow Appreciation Day and I hope you all did too! :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Two Month Anniversary

As of today, Chris and I have been married for two months! And we couldn't be any happier! :)

Yesterday we took a break from job hunting, cleaning, working etc. to celebrate this occasion by using the rest of our gift cards given to us for our wedding. We have gift cards to Macy's, Tai Pan, Target and Applebees, all of which are not located in Logan. So we drove down to Layton to get all our shopping done. 

I thoroughly enjoyed our shopping trip! We got a cow shaped chalk board (so cute, pictures to come!!), a flower vase, a money jar, a Britta water pitcher and I got a shirt. We stopped by Chris's parent's house in Kaysville to trade cars (it's a whole long car story I'm not going to go into). We had a long conversation about movies and missions, and afterwards Chris's dad suggested that they take us out to dinner and we could save our Applebee's gift card for later. So we shared a wonderful meal at Pepperbellys.

I absolutely adore this place! This was my second visit there and both times it was amazing. It has this adorable retro service station feel to it. They play all fifties and sixties music. And they serve AMAZING Mexican food. It is seriously so delicious! When you first sit down they bring you warm chips and salsa that are normal, but good. Last night I got the smothered chicken burrito. It was absolutely delicious and it filled me up! It was a fantastic dinner and I had wonderful company with my husband and his parents. 

I'm so happy to be married to Chris. We love sharing every moment together and we're having a blast being married! And the best part, everyday just keeps getting better. :) 

Dear Companies in Logan, Utah ...

Dear Companies in Logan, Utah,

My name is Kaylee. I'm twenty-two years old, recently married and a student at USU. I got my first job at the age of fifteen, working as a teacher's assistant at Sylvan Learning Center. From there I continued to work many other jobs, and finding ways to love everyone of them. In the 6 years I've been in the working field I have always considered myself a dedicated employee, and so have my employers. In fact, I'm still friends with many of my past employers.

I am very good at being on time. I am never late for work without a reason previously worked out with my manager. I also hardly ever ask for time off work. I've always worked through sickness (unless I literally can't move) and times when I'm feeling sad or stressed. More importantly, I don't believe I've ever let my emotional or physical condition affect my work in any way.

I always strive to do my very best, every day. I'm not one to sit around and do nothing. I'm always looking for more work to be done. I like to keep things organized and clean in the work area. I like to make customers happy. In fact, that's one of my favorite things about working, customer service. I love working with the customers and doing everything I possibly can to help them out and make them have a better day.

I have worked as a custodian, a childcare provider, a medical receptionist, a cashier, and more. And no matter what the job, I adapt quickly to the new environment and learn to love my job.

I love working. I love feeling like I'm accomplishing something with my life. I love making my own living and being able to afford my apartment (which I currently cannot). I love the feeling of helping customers. I love learning new things. I love interacting with my coworkers and the customers. I love providing a service. I love being productive with my days. I love spending my time feeling like I'm accomplishing something important and doing something for the greater good. I love to work. I love having a job.

I currently am unemployed and feel as if I've applied for everything I can in Logan, yet have only received one interview so far. For about two months I've been working hard to find a job and have found myself so profoundly unsuccessful that I'm beginning to feel more and more anxious, applying for any job in sight.

I hate not working. I hate not being able to afford my apartment. I hate putting so much pressure on my dear sweet husband to make money with his low paying job and by donating plasma. I hate having to ask my parents for some money to help us get by. I hate feeling stuck and useless with nothing to do. I hate not having a job.

So, to all the companies in Logan, Utah, I am available for hire!! I'm a quick learner. I'm available basically anytime you want/need. I'm getting a little desperate so I'll take anything. I love working, I really truly do and I always work my very hardest. So please, Logan, help me find a job soon.

Love, Kaylee

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Friday July 12th is Cow Appreciation Day!

I need all my readers to be aware of this Friday's AMAZING holiday! It's Cow Appreciation Day!! Last year Chris and I celebrated this holiday together by visiting cows and getting cheese. I also wore my cow necklace and earrings. :)

This year we have some exciting new plans... but I'm not sharing them with you yet. You'll see all about it in pictures in a few days. :)

Chick-Fil-A loves this holiday almost as much as I do. Every year they give out free entrees or meals if you go in dressed up like a cow! You can learn all the details HERE.

Since this blog is dedicated to my love of cows, it's only reasonable that we celebrate cows here! I love cows because I think they're cute, funny, and adorably fat. They are also incredibly helpful to humans for milk and cheese and ice cream! Cows are great! I really appreciate them! Don't forget to appreciate them this Friday, July 12th, 2013!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Candy Crush Saga

I have a confession to make:

I am addicted to Candy Crush Saga.

Why? Because at one point in my life I received a notification that a friend had given me extra lives on Candy Crush Saga, a game I had never played before. And I thought to myself "Well I have nothing better to do with my life. I work all day. I'm living with my parents. My fiance lives two hours away. Yeah, I deserve to relax and play a little game. 

So I start to play. I'm really good at games like this and Bejeweled so I got the hang of it really fast and I just kept going. 

And going... 

And going...

And then I started losing. And losing. And losing!!! 

And I things started to go a little like this:

And I would be stuck on a level for weeks at a time. And then I started feeling like this:

And feeling like this:

And this:

And this:

And really needing this:

Or this:

Yet all the while still thinking this:

Sigh. If any of you have an addiction to Candy Crush Saga (or any other game for that matter) please leave a  comment! I'd love to hear about it. :) 


NOTE: This is not, in any way, a REAL addiction. I do have a life. I may not have a job yet, but I do have a life. Just pointing out that I do a lot more with my day than just play this game. Which I love... and hate... all at the same time. 

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