Monday, June 10, 2013

Why Being Married Is Fun

While Chris and I spent our day doing boring "adult" activities, today was a really great day in our marriage? Why? Because we're starting new lives together and we're doing everything together! Here is the basic schedule of today and why it was so fun.

Working out.

Chris and I did Jillian Michael's Six Week to Six Pack workout DVD this morning. It was really fun struggling, sweating and accidentally hitting each other during the video while also working towards healthier and fitter bodies. 

Going out to lunch. 

We went to Paradise Bakery for lunch! I don't think I've ever talked about Paradise Bakery on here before. I love Paradise Bakery!!! My favorite thing there is their Cheddar Broccoli soup. It is so dang good! Their cookies are also amazing! If you like coconut, get their chocolate chip with coconut, but the plain chocolate chip is good too. All their cookies are good. And usually buy one get one free (but don't get mad at me if that's not true for you).

Starting a new bank account.

Chris's friend Ben works at Mountain America and helped us start our new bank account! We got to deposit all the checks we got for our wedding. We have money now! It was a fun experience to share together because it's like we're really starting a new life together. We share a bank account now! 

Make wedding returns and purchases.

We had to return a few duplicate gifts and we received in-store credit. We had a buy a few things for our apartment but also some fun things for us. 

Cleaning Chris's car.

I think it's so funny cleaning Chris's car. He always tries to spray me with the thing. His car was filthy inside and out, and there's still paint permanently on the tires from our wedding. 

Cleaning the kitchen.

I've finally got Chris trained to help clean the kitchen (that's a joke, but he is good at helping out, much better than the week we moved in here). And I like working together to get the dishes done and the counters cleaned. 

Now reading through this you're probably like, "What the hay? That's not fun! Those are all chores!" So let me explain. I love Chris and any time that we get to spend together always ends up being the best of times. Today was fun because I got to spend it with Chris. More than that, we were truly starting an "adult" married life together (adult in quotations because we won't be acting like adults for a while). We have an apartment that we get to pay bills on and buy things for, and I love it! It's those little things that make marriage fun to me, because we're changing our lives so that we can be together forever. I love married life! 

Tomorrow is our one month wedding anniversary! Wa hoo! I'm so happy that we're married! I'm so happy that we're together! Our lives have changed in the greatest ways in the past month and I'm so happy that I have eternity to spend with my new husband! :) 

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