Friday, June 28, 2013

Little Blessings

I was in the process of writing a very different post. It was me venting about this horrible situation where I couldn't register for classes and had to re-apply to the school.... but then I got an email saying that a wonderful, kind-hearted had read my email and fixed my account, allowing me to finish registering for classes for Fall Semester.

That was just a little blessing that made my entire day better.

I was absolutely devastated this morning when I was told I would have to re-apply. It didn't make any sense to me! I was so upset! I was angry and I was sad. Things are already stressful in my life and I didn't like this added pressure.

So to get this email changed everything. I'm happy again. I'm so excited for school again! I literally cannot wait until August. Normally I'd be so excited for the summer, but not this year, I just want to go back to school!

My new husband is also a constant blessing in my life. Today he deserves extra credit for helping me when I was having an emotional breakdown, for making me a delicious dinner and for helping me clean up the kitchen. He is the most amazing husband there ever was and is. He always knows how to make me smile. We spent a long time looking at the Humor section of Pinterest and even when I didn't think it was funny, his laugh always made me laugh. He blesses my life everyday and I love him so much.

My sister is also a great blessing. I don't know why, but anytime we text each other it just makes the day better. She's so much fun and cute and I just love her so much (and boys, she's single (wink wink)).

Chris and I went and got library cards yesterday and I checked out the book Jurassic Park. I had forgotten how powerful books could be. I honestly haven't sat down and read a book in much too long, but yesterday I sat down and without even noticing it, it was suddenly the middle of the night and I had read over 200 pages. Books are always a blessing. Books are the best blessing.

Dance is a huge blessing in my life. Dance has always made my life so much better. I've danced my whole life and never plan on quitting because of the absolute joy it brings me. And while I didn't end up dancing today, I watched dance and it certainly made me smile. And to see all my old dance friends and to be welcomed back in like it was my own home, was one of the greatest blessing I could have received today.

Cake is a blessing. Despite the fact that our stupid, messed up oven burnt the edges before the whole thing was cooked, cake is always a blessing and always makes me feel better. Yum! (I added extra things I found off Pinterest to make it better as well, I'll let you know what those are later)

I'm always grateful for the little blessings in life. I've been so blessed with the best family in the world and now with the greatest husband in the world. I love little blessing, and they changed my whole day today.

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