Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Food on My Honeymoon

This is a separate post because I have a lot to say about the places we ate on our honeymoon. They were all delicious! And they used up all our money...

So the first meal of our honeymoon was in the Salt Lake Airport. We ate at Market Street Grill. It was absolutely delicious! Chris got the Utah trout with a side of the biggest broccoli I've ever seen and some rice.  I sampled his meal and it was really good! I didn't want to eat too much before a flight so I stuck with a chicken Caesar salad, my favorite! It was very good too. One of the best Caesar salads I've had in a long time.

In conclusion, I vote that if you see a Market Street Grill, you go for it. You may be spending a bit more money, but you'll be getting quality food. (PS, because our flight had been cancelled the airline gave us these coupons to use anywhere in the airport, so we got $20 off our meal!)

Later that day we visited a new place we've never heard of called Fire and Ice Grill and Bar.

This is a very different kind of restaurant. It's all-you-can-eat, it's get-up-and-get-your-own-food, and it's watch-a-very-cool-and-talented-teenager-prepare-your-food. So we got up and decided to start with pastas. So we filled these bowls with all the things we wanted in our pasta. The noodles, the vegetables, the meat, etc. Then we took the bowls to the chef who laid them on the grill.

So our meals were just laying on this grill where hundred of other meals had been prepared that day and I had watched how the grill was cleaned... not up to my standards. So I was a little paranoid. But my pasta was very good. Chris liked his too.

Because it's all-you-can-eat, we wanted to make the money worth it and tried a pizza as well.

The chef laid our pizza on the grill and covered it, letting it really cook. And while it turned out to be the ugliest pizza of my life, it was very good.

I enjoyed the restaurant as a whole, but I did not find it to be worth the money we paid. It's a very cool concept, but when you're waiting for your food at a grill for 20+ minutes you're idily wondering what's happening back at your abandoned table. Is your purse getting stolen? Is someone sipping from your drinks? Most restaurants you end up waiting 20+ minutes for your food, but at least there you're sitting at your table, protecting your stuff. You could ask Chris, I was paranoid the whole time about my purse. I was also paranoid about how clean the grill was. It was a great experience, but I don't know if I'll ever go there again. Sorry Chris.

For lunch the next day we went to Johnny Rockets at Huntington Beach. I wanted Dwights. We specifically went to that part of the beach for Dwights, but sadly it was closed. So then my only request was a burger, and we ended up at Johnny Rockets. I really liked it too.

I can't remember exactly what we got except that ours both had bacon. And Chris's looks like it had onion rings. Then we shared a chocolate milkshake. I really enjoyed it (I always love a good burger and fries) Chris didn't seem to enjoy it as much. And he said something about it being unoriginal. But I loved it. We had a great waiter as well who gave us ketchup smiles and the whole time was being viciously ordered around by his boss (there's a time and a place, don't yell at your workers in front of the customers). But I really enjoyed Johnny Rockets.

Our next lunch meal was in Disneyland and we visited the Stage Door Cafe. Chris got fish and chips, I got chicken breast nuggets. Both of us were amazed at how amazing our food was. I get chicken tenders everywhere, but these ones were super good! I also tried Chris's meal and was amazed at how good it was! Disneyland is always expensive, but this was one of the cheaper places too, so I definitely recommend checking it out.

That night we ordered pizza to our room. It was a great deal, pizza, hot wings, salad and a soda for a good price. But it made my stomach hurt. It wasn't good. The salad was okay. But the pizza crust was like cardboard and I've never liked wings. They were also really weird when I went to pay them. The delivery guy didn't speak any English and I had to write down my credit card number even though Chris had already told it to them over the phone. It got me really paranoid. But nothing weird has happened on my credit card so I think we're good. The place I think was called Pizza Plus, but don't mix it up with the Pizza Plus in Cache Valley, because the one in Cache Valley is good, the one in Anaheim, not so good.

Our next meal was at California Adventure for lunch. We chose to eat at Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill. As always, Disneyland food is always better than you expect. I had tamales Chris had a burrito. We both loved out meal. However, there were little birds flying around us waiting to steal our food. I am terrified of birds and hated it.

Our next meals I didn't get pictures of. However, I have pictures of the treats I had while on the trip:

I love Cheetos!!! 

Chocolate ice cream cone #1

Mickey suckers

Ice cream #2

Popcorn!!! (I'm making the face because I was very angry at this kid throwing his popcorn on the ground)

Mickey pretzel!!! 

Ice cream cone #3 (and Chris's second)

Dole pineapple ice cream (I don't like pineapple, but Chris was obsessed, and PS, the line for this ice cream is almost as bad as the lines for the rides. Apparently everyone loves this ice cream and waits in line for 20 minutes to get some.)

The final meal of our honeymoon will be in another post. One where Chris and I will write how it was the greatest meal of our lives (as well as the most expensive, but totally worth it).

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  1. Your honeymoon sounds like it was amazing!! I'm so jealous.. And Kaylee, you are the cutest thing ever! Congrats again on the married life. :)


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