Friday, May 3, 2013

My Name

A lot of people have something very special about their name. They were named after some distant relative or the name has some special meaning to their parents. Which is great and everything, but my parents didn't do that. They just wanted something unique... but little did they know, they failed.

A long long time ago (in a galaxy far away), 22+ years ago, my parents were just sitting at home, awaiting the arrival of their second (and more exciting) daughter to be born (just kidding Michelle, you're exciting too). They were thinking of names for their new, beautiful daughter. They were thinking Kelly. Which is a beautiful name. But Kelly seemed too popular already. They wanted something different and unique.

So they decided on Kaylee, because in Southern California (where they were living at the time) they didn't know anyone else with that name. They were excited to give their beautiful daughter such a beautiful and unique name (I'm feeling very vain today).

However, about two years later they moved to Utah. And little did they know, they would move into a neighborhood where two other Kaylee's lived (but spelled differently) of the exact same age as their Kaylee. So I grew up in a ward with three Kaylee's. Kaylee, Kaylie and Kalee. All the same age.

Then later, in middle school I took a dance class with 70 girls (and one boy). Seven of those girls were named Kaylee. All spelled differently. How is it that in one middle school class there gets to be seven girls with the same name who all spell it differently??? And with that went all hope of my unique-name-ness.

But I guess it's all well anyways, because apparently I don't know how to say my own name. Half the time when people ask me what my name is they reply, "Hayley?" No. Kaylee. With a K. Do I not know how to say a "K"? Apparently not. And to all the kids in the daycare I worked at I was more of a Kelly, because they couldn't say it right. Lots of people also call me Kylie. I never thought my name was that difficult.

But despite all this, I love my name. I think it fits me perfectly and it's beautiful. I applaud my parents for picking such a great name for me that I love so much!

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