Sunday, May 19, 2013


Hello blogging world!!! I'm so happy to be back!!! It has been FOREVER since I last wrote. But for anyone keeping tabs on me, you may know that I GOT MARRIED LAST WEEK!!! I am now Kaylee Farnes. :) (not officially, but we're working on the name change thing)

So this last week I was in California on my honeymoon and the week before I was stressing about my wedding so it truly has been forever since I've last written and I'm so excited to write again!!! ... but not yet.

See today I have to move the rest of my stuff (or junk) up to my apartment in Logan. So I don't really have time to write much today. But I just wanted to say that there is lots to come!! There will be posts about my perfect wedding day, my fabulous family, my new husband, our honeymoon, our new apartment, my job search and many more, including a guest blog post by my new husband.

But for now I just wanted to say that I've missed writing. I'll be officially back very soon. :) I love all my readers and can't wait to tell you all about the AMAZING week I've had! :)

My new husband and I at our wedding breakfast! 

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