Friday, May 31, 2013

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


This is my 200th post on this blog!!! So to celebrate I am going to write 200 things about myself. Wow. This may take a while...

  1. My middle name is Rochelle.
  2. My sister's middle name is Renee, my parents apparently like middle names that start with "R".
  3. My brother's middle name is Brent. 
  4. I love black olives. I eat them by the can. 
  5. I love my husband very very much. 
  6. I could have nachos every day and be happy. 
  7. I think Love Sacs are fun.
  8. I own 35 pairs of shoes. 
  9. I wear the same shoes almost every day.
  10. I own lots of blankets because I get cold a lot.
  11. My new apartment is amazing. 
  12. I watch "Friends" every day.
  13. I'm obsessed with watching "Friends" and call it my best "friend".
  14. I love Disney.
  15. I've never been out of the country.
  16. My husband has been to Scotland and England and I'm really jealous.
  17. He wants to live in Scotland, I'm not so sure about that.
  18. I love rain. 
  19. My favorite candy is Jelly Belly's Raspberry Blackberries.
  20. We had Raspberry Blackberry candies at my wedding and still have like 5 pounds of them. 
  21. I recently found bottles of lemonade at Walmart for 25 cents and they are very good.
  22. I've been playing too much of Plants vs. Zombies lately. 
  23. I really need to find a job because I'm getting tired of playing Plants vs. Zombies and watching "Friends" all day.
  24. If anyone knows of jobs available in Logan, Utah, let me know. 
  25. I would like a Camero some day. 
  26. I'm planting flowers in our kitchen window and I'm obsessed with watching them grow. 
  27. Again, really need to find a job. 
  28. I love wearing jeans.
  29. I also love wearing dresses and heels, however it's difficult when your jobs require you to wear other things and walking around a freezing and snowy campus doesn't work well with dresses and heels. 
  30. I know more about computers than my husband. Ha!
  31. My neighbor just brought me cinnamon rolls and I'm so happy I might eat both of them and not tell my husband they were here. 
  32. I love saying that I have a husband. 
  33. I hate that my husband works till midnight tonight. 
  34. I miss my Nana a lot. I wish I could see her more and wish I could have talked to her more at the wedding. 
  35. I like water a lot. 
  36. I really want an iPhone. 
  37. I actually failed at making Jell-o yesterday, who does that?
  38. I'm really good at making pies.
  39. I think peanut butter cookies are my favorite type of cookie. 
  40. I have a really good peanut butter cookie recipe that has less sugar and fat than most. 
  41. I've never really liked games, but I do like computer games. 
  42. Transformers is my favorite movie.
  43. Bumblebee is my favorite autobot. 
  44. I'm getting sick of the "Friends" theme song.
  45. I highly doubt that anyone is actually reading this list. 
  46. If you are reading this list, leave a comment and I might give you a special gift. ;)
  47. Daisies are my favorite flower, yet I insisted on black/white anemones for my wedding. 
  48. My sister and her friend arranged all the flowers for my wedding, you should hire them to do yours!
  49. I love The Great Gatsby.
  50. I'm a really lazy person. 
  51. I basically sit here on my laptop all day. 
  52. I spilled some makeup on my laptop once and I'm so sick of it being there! But hard as I try, I can't get it off! 
  53. My husband keeps stealing my headphones. 
  54. I love that my new apartment has a washer and dryer. 
  55. Chris and I go on walks together every Sunday. I love them. 
  56. I really like playing with my hair. 
  57. I'm sick of my cell phone and the fact that no one calls or texts me besides my husband makes it kind of pointless anyways. 
  58. I'm literally too lazy to text sometimes. 
  59. May is my favorite month! 
  60. I'm so happy I got married in May! 
  61. Jon McLaughlin is my favorite singer. 
  62. I've seen him three times in concert and gotten my picture with him twice. 
  63. They say most people marry someone like their parents, I think my husband is more like my brother...
  64. I love popcorn a lot. 
  65. I can't go to a movie theater and not get popcorn (like Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory). 
  66. I pierced my earrings when I was ten. 
  67. I used to wear earrings a lot but I don't as much lately because my last job wouldn't let me wear earrings. 
  68. Apples and peanut butter is one of my favorite snacks. It makes me happy. 
  69. Jimmy Johns in my favorite place to eat. I get it like twice a week. 
  70. Red, black and white were my wedding colors and are basically the only colors of my clothes. 
  71. I met my best friend Lauren when I was about four. 
  72. I hated her at first but now we are inseparable!
  73. She's getting married in August and I am so excited for them!!
  74. Too many times I think of how I could decorate my new apartment for Christmas. Christmas is forever away. 
  75. Chris really wants a dog. 
  76. I don't love dogs, but I've agreed as long as I can name him Zoram. 
  77. Zoram is Nephi's best friend in the Book of Mormon. 
  78. Everyone tells me they weren't really best friends, but I say they were. 
  79. I'm not really going to give you something special for reading all these. 
  80. I would like comments though. 
  81. I sent my husband out yesterday with gift cards to Target to go buy us a microwave. He bought a red and black one. He knows me very well. 
  82. Chris and I keep saying we'll work out in the mornings, but we have yet to do that.
  83. We got these memory foam bath mats and they are so soft! 
  84. My upstairs neighbors are very loud, yet I've never seen them. 
  85. Lemonade is probably my favorite drink besides water. 
  86. Jennifer Aniston has fantastic arms. And hair. 
  87. My dad gave me the greatest gift for my wedding and it almost made me cry. 
  88. It was a book of old fortunes from fortune cookies and pictures of me. 
  89. My sunflowers are growing faster than my other flowers. 
  90. Everyday at least five dog walkers walk by my living room window. 
  91. I'm stuck. I don't know what else to write. 
  92. I would like to someday be a high school English teacher. 
  93. I would also love to coach a dance team. 
  94. In my dreams I would also own a dance studio. 
  95. I actually planned out class schedules for my dream dance studio. 
  96. It's raining and I really love the rain. 
  97. I love the comforter that Chris and I bought. It's pretty. 
  98. With all our gift cards and coupons, it only cost us $5! ;)
  99. Sometimes brushing my teeth feels like a tooth massage and I really like it. 
  100. Yay! One hundred! 
  101. I don't love 101 Dalmatians. Even if it is Disney. 
  102. I do like it better than Pinocchio or The Jungle Book. I don't like those movies. 
  103. I am more afraid of the dark than I should be. 
  104. My grandma's dog pounces around like a bunny. 
  105. His name is Kabe. Or Kade...
  106. I wish our apartment had Wi-fi. My laptop has to be plugged in to work. 
  107. This is mostly annoying to me because then the cords are all over the place and it looks messy and I hate it!
  108. Our spare room is still a mess, but it's a work in progress. 
  109. I really want to go to New York. 
  110. My brother-in-law is going to Oaxaca, Mexico on his mission. 
  111. That's where Nacho Libre was filmed. 
  112. My other brother-in-law is going to Washington DC. I want to go there someday. 
  113. I like the number 18,253. It's in the song "What a Beautiful Day".
  114. I miss doing ballet and wearing pointe shoes and never thought I would say that. 
  115. I really just want to start teaching dance. 
  116. I really want to find a job soon. 
  117. 117 was the favorite number of my posse in high school. It has something to do with Halo. 
  118. I played Halo in high school but I am terrible at it. 
  119. I really can't play games where you use the two different toggle thingys and one is for moving and one is for looking, I always end up looking at the sky and spinning. 
  120. I got fake eyelashes for my wedding but now they're falling off in patches and they keep coming off with my real eyelash attached! :( 
  121. A month ago I was constantly busy working and planning my wedding, but now I sit at home and do nothing but watch "Friends" and eat food. 
  122. I'm turning 23 this year. That seems really weird. 
  123. I like playing Star Craft. 
  124. I used to hate wearing my hair up but now it's usually in a high ponytail. 
  125. I have a Pinterest addiction. 
  126. I made a wreath yesterday and I love it! 
  127. I want to start selling custom made wreaths through this blog and Etsy. 
  128. Please leave a comment if you're interested. 
  129. I miss watching How I Met Your Mother with my husband. 
  130. Although we weren't husband and wife when we watched it together before, we weren't even engaged then! 
  131. I like reading. 
  132. If I get enough followers I should start on online book club on this blog...
  133. I loved the acrylic nails I got for my wedding! And they were so hard to finally get off, but I had to get them off because they got so long I could hardly type on my laptop. 
  134. My husband is addicted to Monster Energy Drinks. 
  135. I think I'm going to make him buy me something every time he buys one. 
  136. Butterflies scare me. 
  137. Tomorrow Chris and I are spending the day in Salt Lake. 
  138. If you see me there I'll give you a prize! 
  139. I still have a lot to do before I'm satisfied with this apartment, but it's very beautiful regardless. 
  140. I love berries. 
  141. Skechers Go Walk shoes are very comfortable. I wore them in Disneyland for three days and didn't get any blisters! 
  142. I'm pretty used to getting blisters on my feet though. I'm a dancer. 
  143. I miss dancing so incredibly much. 
  144. I hate gum. 
  145. I really really hate gum. 
  146. I don't love cooking, but I'm very good at following recipes. So it turns out well. 
  147. I was very amazed with the success of my dinner on Sunday
  148. I love the fact that I get to spend the rest of eternity with Chris!!! 
  149. I love the Draper Temple. It's so pretty and it's where I got married to the love of my life! 
  150. I want to play Mario Cart. 
  151. Wa hoo! Almost done! 
  152. I'm really happy with this blog. 
  153. I would love if you could share this blog with all your friends and family. 
  154. And also leave a comment here to let me know what else you would like to see on this blog. 
  155. My acrylic nails messed up my real nails. I'm upset. 
  156. My sister is one of my very best friends. 
  157. I love my little brother very much. 
  158. I engraved "You'll never walk alone" on Chris's wedding ring. 
  159. It's the logo thing for Liverpool FC, Chris's favorite soccer team. 
  160. While Chris's brother's don't like Liverpool, they said that it was very cool of me to do that. I felt good. 
  161. Command Strips are very effective. I promise. 
  162. My wedding dress was the prettiest dress in the whole wide world. 
  163. I feel sad that I may never look as beautiful as I did on my wedding day. 
  164. But my husband says I look beautiful everyday. He's a winner. 
  165. My honeymoon was incredible! 
  166. Sometimes it amazes me that it's 2013. 
  167. I like braiding my bangs back. 
  168. I don't really have bangs, but the hair is a bit shorter and just annoying. 
  169. I like hearts. 
  170. These aren't all things about me but they are 200 things. 
  171. I don't like making Ramen on the stove. I make it in the microwave. 
  172. I love going on IMDB and learning random facts about my favorite movies and shows. 
  173. It's how I learned Ellen Degeneres was up for the role of Phoebe in "Friends". 
  174. I love Ellen. 
  175. Next week is my sister's birthday, my twin brother-in-law's birthday and my father-in-law's birthday, three days in a row. 
  176. I'm so excited to spend tomorrow with my husband in Salt Lake! 
  177. I'm wearing my red pants today! 
  178. Chris can't dance, but dancing with him at our wedding was fun. 
  179. I bought a really pretty Mickey Mouse necklace at Disneyland. 
  180. Next week Chris and I are going to Park City with his family. Well for part of the week. 
  181. I like Park City, there are lots of stores there!!! Too bad I don't have the money to shop...
  182. Chris and my dad both leave change everywhere. 
  183. I wonder how well Command Strips would work during an earthquake... Someone please test this out for me! 
  184. I love Mythbusters. Such a great show!! 
  185. I've been working at this list for like two hours now. 
  186. I think ties are really cool. I should get one. 
  187. My brother only wears bow ties. Once my mom and I bought him a real tie and he was sad. He was very sad that Chris wouldn't allow him to wear a bow tie at the wedding, but he looked really great regardless. I have a very handsome brother. 
  188. When my brother first got his phone I texted him "Hey handsome! ;)" but I sent it to the wrong number. Awkward moment. 
  189. I'm so anxious to get my wedding photos back!
  190. I bought some really cool socks recently and I love them. 
  191. I love the white queso from TGI Fridays. 
  192. I don't have enough hangers to hang all my clothes. I really need to buy more. 
  193. I have a purse obsession. I want to buy a new one all the time. 
  194. Chandler and Monica are a very cute couple. 
  195. So are Lily and Marshal. I love them both very much. 
  196. I just really want a job. I'm not one of those girls who will sit back and just let her husband work. I want to work!!! 
  197. Our TV has a built in DVD player, but it's old and sometimes it freezes the movie for a while. This is really annoying especially when you know the disk is new and it's just the TV. 
  198. I really miss my husband right now. He's been working for the past five hours and I need him back! 
  199. Almost there! I love my readers very much and am so happy that I have as many page views as I do. 
  200. This blog is one of my favorite things to do with my life, so thank you for reading and thank you for your support! 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Food on My Honeymoon

This is a separate post because I have a lot to say about the places we ate on our honeymoon. They were all delicious! And they used up all our money...

So the first meal of our honeymoon was in the Salt Lake Airport. We ate at Market Street Grill. It was absolutely delicious! Chris got the Utah trout with a side of the biggest broccoli I've ever seen and some rice.  I sampled his meal and it was really good! I didn't want to eat too much before a flight so I stuck with a chicken Caesar salad, my favorite! It was very good too. One of the best Caesar salads I've had in a long time.

In conclusion, I vote that if you see a Market Street Grill, you go for it. You may be spending a bit more money, but you'll be getting quality food. (PS, because our flight had been cancelled the airline gave us these coupons to use anywhere in the airport, so we got $20 off our meal!)

Later that day we visited a new place we've never heard of called Fire and Ice Grill and Bar.

This is a very different kind of restaurant. It's all-you-can-eat, it's get-up-and-get-your-own-food, and it's watch-a-very-cool-and-talented-teenager-prepare-your-food. So we got up and decided to start with pastas. So we filled these bowls with all the things we wanted in our pasta. The noodles, the vegetables, the meat, etc. Then we took the bowls to the chef who laid them on the grill.

So our meals were just laying on this grill where hundred of other meals had been prepared that day and I had watched how the grill was cleaned... not up to my standards. So I was a little paranoid. But my pasta was very good. Chris liked his too.

Because it's all-you-can-eat, we wanted to make the money worth it and tried a pizza as well.

The chef laid our pizza on the grill and covered it, letting it really cook. And while it turned out to be the ugliest pizza of my life, it was very good.

I enjoyed the restaurant as a whole, but I did not find it to be worth the money we paid. It's a very cool concept, but when you're waiting for your food at a grill for 20+ minutes you're idily wondering what's happening back at your abandoned table. Is your purse getting stolen? Is someone sipping from your drinks? Most restaurants you end up waiting 20+ minutes for your food, but at least there you're sitting at your table, protecting your stuff. You could ask Chris, I was paranoid the whole time about my purse. I was also paranoid about how clean the grill was. It was a great experience, but I don't know if I'll ever go there again. Sorry Chris.

For lunch the next day we went to Johnny Rockets at Huntington Beach. I wanted Dwights. We specifically went to that part of the beach for Dwights, but sadly it was closed. So then my only request was a burger, and we ended up at Johnny Rockets. I really liked it too.

I can't remember exactly what we got except that ours both had bacon. And Chris's looks like it had onion rings. Then we shared a chocolate milkshake. I really enjoyed it (I always love a good burger and fries) Chris didn't seem to enjoy it as much. And he said something about it being unoriginal. But I loved it. We had a great waiter as well who gave us ketchup smiles and the whole time was being viciously ordered around by his boss (there's a time and a place, don't yell at your workers in front of the customers). But I really enjoyed Johnny Rockets.

Our next lunch meal was in Disneyland and we visited the Stage Door Cafe. Chris got fish and chips, I got chicken breast nuggets. Both of us were amazed at how amazing our food was. I get chicken tenders everywhere, but these ones were super good! I also tried Chris's meal and was amazed at how good it was! Disneyland is always expensive, but this was one of the cheaper places too, so I definitely recommend checking it out.

That night we ordered pizza to our room. It was a great deal, pizza, hot wings, salad and a soda for a good price. But it made my stomach hurt. It wasn't good. The salad was okay. But the pizza crust was like cardboard and I've never liked wings. They were also really weird when I went to pay them. The delivery guy didn't speak any English and I had to write down my credit card number even though Chris had already told it to them over the phone. It got me really paranoid. But nothing weird has happened on my credit card so I think we're good. The place I think was called Pizza Plus, but don't mix it up with the Pizza Plus in Cache Valley, because the one in Cache Valley is good, the one in Anaheim, not so good.

Our next meal was at California Adventure for lunch. We chose to eat at Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill. As always, Disneyland food is always better than you expect. I had tamales Chris had a burrito. We both loved out meal. However, there were little birds flying around us waiting to steal our food. I am terrified of birds and hated it.

Our next meals I didn't get pictures of. However, I have pictures of the treats I had while on the trip:

I love Cheetos!!! 

Chocolate ice cream cone #1

Mickey suckers

Ice cream #2

Popcorn!!! (I'm making the face because I was very angry at this kid throwing his popcorn on the ground)

Mickey pretzel!!! 

Ice cream cone #3 (and Chris's second)

Dole pineapple ice cream (I don't like pineapple, but Chris was obsessed, and PS, the line for this ice cream is almost as bad as the lines for the rides. Apparently everyone loves this ice cream and waits in line for 20 minutes to get some.)

The final meal of our honeymoon will be in another post. One where Chris and I will write how it was the greatest meal of our lives (as well as the most expensive, but totally worth it).

Monday, May 27, 2013

My Honeymoon!

So I want to write all about my wedding day, but I don't have all the pictures yet, so that will have to wait for a little while.

My honeymoon was INCREDIBLE!!! ...except for the beginning.

So we spent our wedding night at The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City. Everyone at that hotel is so nice. They gave us chocolate covered strawberries, sparkling citrus lemonade and a gift certificate to come back on our anniversary. I wish I had pictures, but unfortunately my brother had my camera. We had to meet up with my mom the next day to get my camera, but it's okay because when we met my mom she gave us more of our wedding cake (which was the most delicious cake of my life).

Then we drove to Chris's parent's house, or, my new in-laws. It was Mother's Day and we were able to talk with Chris's brother Sheldon (who is on an LDS mission in Michigan) on Skype. It was really cool to talk to him. I've only met him once and that was before Chris and I were even dating. I'm very excited I'll get to officially meet him when he gets home in November.

So then Chris's parents drove us to the airport so we could catch our flight to California! So we go through baggage, security and we sit at wait for almost two hours and then they announce that our flight is cancelled. What? When does that ever happen? Seriously? In the winter that happens a lot, but not on a bright sunny day in May!

So the airline arranges a new flight plan for us, but it left 11:00 AM the next day, went to Seattle, then to Portland, then it landed in California at 7:00 PM. We called the airline and talked to them about that. The guy on the phone told Chris "Wow! They have you going across the whole country!" And then he changed our flight to the same time the next day. So we were stuck in Utah for another day.

My new mother-in-law got us a room at their time share in Wolf Creek (thanks again Michelle!). We were able to use the hot tub and just relax. It was really nice. The next day we drove to Ogden and went to the Dinosaur Park!!

After that we were dropped off at the airport again and this time, our flight was not cancelled!!

So we landed, rented our car and drove to our hotel, which had this beautiful view... of DISNEYLAND!!!

Yep, the tall building on the right is the Tower of Terror!! So we settled in and ate at a delicious place at the Garden Walk in Anaheim (but I'm writing a whole other post about all the delicious food we ate on our trip).

The next day we went to Huntington Beach. I was very upset because I wanted to go there so I could specifically go to Dwights, but it was closed. :( But I do love Huntington Beach. It's absolutely beautiful!

So we did lots of playing in the water, burying each other and soaking up the sun! Then we got some food and enjoyed a Farmers Market going on and did some shopping. I absolutely loved it! I'm a huge fan of beaches! Why I live in Utah where there are none, I'm not sure! But I just love going to the beach!

That night we went to see The Great Gatsby. I'm a huge fan! The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite books and I'm beyond excited to teach it when I teach high school English and I found the movie to be very good!

The next day was DISNEYLAND!!! Chris surprised me and got us these fabulous matching shirts! We also went and got these "Just Married" pins at the Disneyland City Hall. If you are going to Disneyland on your honeymoon, I highly suggest doing this. All the workers, and lots of other Disneyland goers, would congratulate us and we ended up getting three fast passes because of them! Totally worth it.

I cannot say enough about Disneyland, I'm in love! I would go there everyday if I could! It just makes me so happy to be there!

We spent the next day in California Adventure and had such a great time! The new Cars Land is incredible! It's so authentic! The rides are awesome and the food is great! We were in love with the ice cream cones! I got one everyday! We also loved the Radiator Spring Racers! Best ride ever, and  the only rides we went on twice in a row, thanks to a generous man who gave us his fast passes!

I wore my Perry the Platypus shirt at California Adventure and the guy on the Phineas and Ferb parade float pointed at me and said over the microphone that he like my shirt. I felt very special. :)

Yep, they really were pointing at me. The next, and last day of our trip we had a park hopper ticket and visited both Disneyland and California Adventure. However, it was a Friday, and incredibly busy. We hardly got to go on any rides and waited forever for the few rides we were able to go on.

But we just loved being together! Oh! And watching the Jedi Training Academy! Because we both love Star Wars!!

Chris was just upset he wasn't allowed to participate. But it was okay because we enjoyed watching the little kids. They were so adorable! And were so great at defeating Darth Vader and Darth Maul. ;)

The next day we had the best meal of our life (information coming soon) and took our flight home.

Overall, it was literally the best trip of my life! I loved every minute of it! I loved being with Chris 24/7! I'm so happy we're finally married! I love being married to him! He is my best friend and the most important person in my whole life! I can't wait to take another trip with him! Especially if it's to Disneyland!! :)

PS, on the day I wore this shirt to Disneyland, I saw at least 20 other women wearing this shirt. Apparently it's really popular. And I totally understand why, $8 at Target? Totally worth it! 

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