Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Summer Classes

So I haven't written in forever and it's because I am so terribly busy and stressed that I just can't force myself to write on this blog in the rare bits of free time that I do have. One more month till my wedding! ... and we've been having complications with the invitations and trying to get them sent out this week. So I'm sorry I haven't written. Blame Chris for proposing to me. :)


Today I registered for classes at Utah State University for summer semester. I AM BEYOND EXCITED!!! I love USU! I've been a student there for three year, then took a year off, and now I'm going back! I'm so happy! I'm taking Human Anatomy and Introduction to Technical Communication, both of which are classes required for my major/minor (English teaching with a minor in physical education coaching and an ESL endorsement).

But why does school have to be so darn expensive??? And weddings for that matter!! I stopped going to school so I could save up money to go back to school. But then the government got angry and made me start repaying my loans, I had to pay for parts of my wedding (my parents are very generous and have helped out so much (I love you mom and dad!!!)) and all the money I was "saving up" is now mysteriously disappeared. All that's in my bank account is enough to pay for summer semester.

I'm going to have to take out another loan. I already have two out, Chris has one out, we aren't married yet and we're already very much in debt.

But for some reason, I'm very calm about the whole thing. Sure in one month I'll go from having two jobs to being job-less. I'll be moving back to Logan and have to pay rent on a beautiful apartment that I'm in love with. Tuition is due the 24th of April. I still have wedding expenses to pay for...

... but the fact is, I'm so happy to be going back to school, I can't really complain! I'll be married to the most wonderful man who ever lived and I'll be continuing my education. How could I ask for anything more?

I'm so happy that I've had the opportunity to go to college and that I get to continue and work hard till I can finally graduate! :)

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