Monday, April 1, 2013

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Working in a daycare is literally the greatest thing in the world! I get to play with little kids and hear all the exciting and hilarious things they have to say. Kids are known for always saying crazy things, hence my favorite commercial was born:

Or that old Bill Cosby television show:

Which, as a side note, why can't more TV nowadays be like this? Non-violent humor. I love it!

Today at my other job I was testing a 6th grader, so he was probably 11, maybe 12. The question went something like this:
"Utah lawmakers are considering changing the age in which a citizen can get a drivers license from 16 to 18. Please write a paragraph arguing if you think this is a good idea or not. Include three different reasons." ...something like that...
So the student I was working with began to write. Instead of writing a paragraph, he wrote this:

"It should be 15!
Reason #1 we want to drive!
Reason #2 what if you got a girlfriend but can't date away from home!?
Reason #3 parents to sick to take u to the amusement park!"

:) Now I love his answer! Seriously! What if you had a girlfriend but couldn't date away from home? That's a huge dilema! It's a very serious issue with kids these days. Especially in Utah where about half the population is LDS and they aren't allowed to date until they are 16 anyways. But that's fine, I totally understand his reasoning.

And reason number 3 is very serious as well! I mean, 15 year old NEED to go to the amusement park! They have to be able to drive themselves because if their parents are "to sick" then everything will just fall apart!

I think the lawmakers in Utah should really look at these reasons and consider changing the age to 15. Because these reasons are totally legitimate  ;)

I was testing this little girl today and she was all excited, "It's April Fools Day!" then she paused a moment. "What does that mean?" And I sat there. Because even though I've lived through 22 April Fools Day's, I don't know how to explain what it is to a 9 year old. Pathetic, I know. So if you know an answer I could have given her, let me know for next year.

I love working with kids!!

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