Thursday, April 11, 2013


Oh my gosh! It's finally here!!! I made this paper chain that looks like little hearts and it started at 108 days till my wedding. Now it's at 30! The chain was twice my size and now it's like a little necklace!! :)

I am so excited to be getting married!!! Chris is the most perfect person in the world for me. We get along perfectly! He makes me happy and always takes care of me. He's the greatest person in the world and I'm so happy that he's all mine!! :)

Stress is really kicking in. It's not that I'm stressed to be married, because I feel ready for that. I'm stressed about getting everything done! Like my invitation fiasco. And realizing I don't have earrings or a veil yet. Also realizing we haven't discussed how I'm doing my hair for my wedding! And we still need to talk to the cake place because they don't know where to deliver the cake. I need to talk to my reception center and put the final payment on the place. We have to worry about our flowers that won't be here till the Wednesday before my wedding and we have to arrange them. I haven't gotten my dress back from alterations and I'm super nervous about where it is right now (the place was really dirty and strings and fabrics were getting stuck to my dress!!!)

But overall, stress helps me work harder. I'm spending any free time getting stuff done (except right now, where I'm spending my lunch break at work writing on this blog). I'm excited for my wedding and I know it will be perfect despite all the stress we may be feeling now.

I'm excited because I have three bridal showers, one every Saturday for the next three weeks. And earlier this week I woke up and realized..."I GET PRESENTS THIS SATURDAY!!!" Yay! I love presents!! And what's more exciting is that they are presents for our future home (which yesterday we officially got!).

I wish Chris didn't live so far away. Yeah, two hours isn't that far, but it would just make life and planning easier if he could always be around to help and keep me calm and happy. I miss him... and love him so darn much!!! :)

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  1. Don't you worry about those flowers! I'll make them pretty and practice beforehand! And my friend (L) said she would help me! Love you sister! I'm so excited for you!


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