Friday, April 19, 2013

My Biggest Advice to Brides-to-Be

I'm getting married in 22 days. Three weeks from tomorrow. Less than a month. It's so soon!! And if there is one major thing I've learned from wedding planning it's this: Don't underestimate the time and energy it takes to get your invitations done. 

I was very blessed to work with a very talented company for my invitations. Beautiful Wedding Announcements is located in Riverton, Utah. They are a very well trained, well oiled company that continues to run smoothly and beautifully. They do a wonderful job and for a wonderful price as well. You can read my full review on my other blog, Everything Is for Love.

However, I had issues with my photographer, which meant I didn't get pictures in until a week ago and I didn't get everything finalized until Wednesday (my fault, not Beautiful Wedding Announcements'). But due to their fabulous work, I was able to receive my invitations on Thursday, the very next day.

I ordered 400 invitations (yeah, I'm surprised I needed that much too). I have been working all day long to get them addressed, stamped and licked to send to the post office tonight. Yet, despite my efforts, I was only able to get about half done to send to the post office.

So what went wrong?

Here is my greatest advice to brides-to-be: Send more time on your invitations. Don't expect to be able to finish them in one day by yourself. Get help. Get the addresses early. Get your future-in-laws and the fiance to cooperate better and give you addresses sooner. Don't be scrambling the day you want them out to still find addresses. Don't underestimate the time in takes. Even if you're just printing labels, it still takes forever to place them on the envelopes, especially by yourself. Get everything prepared before you receive your invitations. Get your invitations from Beautiful Wedding Announcements, they'll do a wonderful job for a fantastic price! ;) 

My goodness, what a relief to half the majority done! People had started asking my parents if I was still getting married. But if those people ever read this blog or saw my Facebook, they would know I'm obsessed with this guy! We're definitely getting married in 22 days and we are beyond excited!!! :)

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