Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Why I Love Avatar: The Last Airbender

I'm obsessed with this show! Truly obsessed! Every night I watch Avatar. Why? Well let's see...

After writing this post I became sad. Because it's not enough. It doesn't accurately portray why I love this show. :( 

1. The BoomerAANG Squad

Team Avatar is the best! They can do anything and I love them!!

2. Appa

I want Appa. I really do. I want a pillow pet of Appa but when I looked online for one they were like $70! That's an expensive stuffed animal!! Too expensive for my liking (I'd like donations so I can buy one. Ha ha.)

3. Sokka and Katara

They're in basically every episode and they are fantastic! They are great sidekicks to the Avatar and Sokka is the greatest at comic relief. I love Sokka. He's so great and always makes me smile no matter how many times I've seen the episodes.

4. Toph

Toph is the coolest person ever!! A blind earthbender who learns who to bend metal?? Seriously how could she get any cooler? She's amazing and so powerful!

5. It's a real story

I love the fact that each episode connects. It's all like a book, a beautifully written book. It is a great story and a wonderful show. I'm in love.

6. Uncle Iroh

Uncle is the best! He makes the show fantastic! He's so smart and funny and just fantastic! Also, one of the greatest firebenders! He's just so amazing!

7. Zuko

Zuko really is a great person. On Pinterest I keep finding this things "Zuko taught me". Zuko teaches you that you can become great, you can choose a good path no matter where you're from and what your circumstances are. And for a cartoon, he's pretty attractive. :)

8. Aang

Aang is the cutest!! I just love him! He's very smart and wise and a great little 112 year old! He is incredibly powerful and he just amazes me every episode! One of my favorite moments in the The Matchmaker episode after Aang battles a volcano and wins!! Sokka says "Sometimes I forget how powerful of a bender that kid is." (or something like that) Aang is just the greatest and the greatest lead character for a cartoon show.

9. Airbending

I wish I could airbend. I think it's the coolest thing ever! Aang is just so awesomely cool and talented and I really wish I could do it too.

10. The finale.

This moment:

It doesn't get any more incredible than that.


  1. Seriously, this is the best show ever! I completely agree!

    1. For reals! I cannot get enough of it! I seriously watch it like every day. Thanks for reading!! :)

  2. So obsessed. Suffering from Avatar Withdrawal Syndrome. Still trying to bend some elements.

    1. Agreed! I'm still watching it all the time on Amazon Prime. I just cannot get enough!!

  3. I love avatar so much, the cast is great and the plot always keeps it exiting, it is also interesting to learn more about the characters as the series goes on. The uncle is very wise and skilled! Haha


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