Saturday, March 2, 2013

Welcome to March!!

Hooray for March!! It's almost St. Patrick's Day!! And then it will be Easter! And then I'm getting married!!!  So I like March. It's a good month. St. Patrick's Day can be lots of fun. One time my best friend Lauren and I threw a party on St. Patrick's Day... And then one of our friends pulled a knife on another friend... that got awkward... anyways...

Chris and I have been house/apartment hunting! We only have a few months left before we're married and we get to move in together! Today we drove around and wrote down all the ones we liked then looked them up online. Prices are higher than I wanted though. I still have to find a job in Logan too! That's the problem with moving back to Logan, I have to start over my job search. :(  I hate job hunting, especially in Logan.

I want to thank all my readers for all the page views!!! Just this week I got up to 10,000!! And now it's over 11,000!!! You guys truly are amazing and totally make my day everyday!! Thank you for reading! I'm hoping, with all these page views, I'll be able to start up Charity of the Month soon, where I'll accept donations for a certain charity each month and all my blog's proceeds that month go to the charity (this is totally for real, not at all a scam!!!). But currently my proceeds haven't been enough to donate, but hopefully I can start that up soon, because that's the main purpose of this blog anyways.

Thanks again for all the page views! It means so much to me! And welcome to March!!! :)

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