Sunday, March 10, 2013

Week of Workouts: Ultimate Diet Plan

I haven't done a post like this in a while, but it's only a little over a month till my wedding, and I still haven't lost the weight I wanted to! And I don't have my six pack yet!! So I'm buckling down and getting stuff done. This post is everything I'm going to be doing this week to help me get in shape!

First off, I recommend downloading the app My Fitness Pal. I use this app to keep track of what I'm eating and how much exercise I get. It calculates a good calorie limit for my body. You can tell it how many pounds a week you want to lose and it adjusts to all your information. I love this app! In fact, I think I'll write a full review on it later.


My calorie limit is 1200 calories a day. I try to drink a lot of water. Water really helps in losing weight and maintaining health and energy in your body. I have a Britta water bottle that I carry with me everywhere and I try to drink three bottle fulls of it a day. I love my Britta bottle because it also filters the water I'm putting in it, and I love that feature because I hate gross water.

I'm also trying my best to eat fruits and vegetables every day. The goal is three servings of each every day. I usually fail at that, but I will always eat at least one serving of each a day. Fruits and vegetables are so good for a healthy diet and your body loves them!

I will not allow myself to eat sugar on weekdays!! On weekends, I'll allow it but in small amounts. Like last night I had a cupcake, but that was the only sugar I had of the day. I'm also trying to reduce my intake of sodium. I'm kind of addicted to salt, but too much salt keeps you bloated. So reducing sodium will help me lose weight as well. (but I don't think anyone eats as much salt as I do, so you won't have to worry about that)

Other than that, the goal is to never exceed 1200 calories a day. That's like 400 calories a meal, which makes it totally possible to stay under 1200. At least for me. I usually don't eat much more than 1200 calories in a day.


Exercise is crucial in losing weight! My goal is to burn 500 calories a day, six days a week (Sunday is a day of rest). Since I work at a gym, I have a membership at Treehouse Athletic Club in Draper, Utah. They have a very large an nice facility there. I also have a two week pass to Pure Barre in Draper (thank you mom and dad!!).

When I go to the gym, I use an elliptical for 30 minutes or less. I run on that for as fast and as hard as I can (my playlist helps motivate me, more on that later). Then I go over to the weight area. I use a machine to workout my thighs. I go until it hurts and then do as many more as I can. I use a stability ball and do as many crunches as I can till it hurts. Then I grab a weight and start working my arms. I go until my arms are too tired. Then I get back on the ball and do crunches again till it hurts, then arms till it hurts. After that I go to this railing that I use as a ballet barre (I grew up doing ballet my whole life, it's a necessity). I do some plies and then I work on kicks. I get weird looks every time, but I don't care. Then I stretch on the railing like a barre.

This workout routine works really well for me. It makes me sore the next day. My problem was, I was only doing it once or twice a week. The new goal is to do it every day. If I can't make it to the gym, I do these videos:

These videos are fantastic and I really feel it when I'm doing them. I also love crunches! Most people say they hate them, but I love them. So I do them all the time to work on my core.


One of the hardest things when working out is motivating yourself. SO HELP ME!! Seriously, I need more motivation. Having you write and leave comments on my blog about what you do to keep motivated would help me greatly and I'll do all I can to return the favor!! Think of this like a forum, like a communication board to get each other in shape. We can help each other, we really can.

I love my iPod!! I have the iPod Nano 6th generation and it has a little Nike fitness "app". I tell it how many calories I want to burn and it keeps track of it while I'm on the elliptical. Not only that, when I do my best workout a voice over of Lance Armstrong comes on and he tells me that I'm great. It just makes me feel good to have someone say my workout was great. :)

 I also love my playlist I've made! For me, listening to music is crucial when working out. I work out to the tempo of my music, so it has to be high energy to keep me going! It includes the following songs and more to keep me motivated:

  • I'm Sexy and I Know It --LMFAO
  • Only Girl (In the World) --Rihanna
  • Sexy Back --Justin Timberlake
  • Shake it Up --Selena Gomez
  • We R Who We R --Ke$ha
  • Sexy Chick --David Guetta 
  • Don't You Think I'm Sexy? (Disco Cardio Version) --Disco Cardio Various Artists
I like working out to songs that say "sexy" because that's the body I'm working towards. :) 

If you're looking for a "sexy" body too, please communicate with me and we can motivate each other! These are my goals, and you are more than welcome to follow along with me, so long as you tell me how it works for you! :) Good luck!!

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