Saturday, March 2, 2013

Walmart Adventures! 3/2/2013

I go to Walmart a lot when I'm in Logan because it's kind of a great store for poor college students. And you can find the craziest things in Walmart. There's a whole website about it! But I'm starting a new segment on my blog called Walmart Adventures to document my Walmart experiences!!

So I started with a game of dress up. I put on an Iron Man mask and a red cowboy hat!

I was very disappointed in myself because there was an aisle where someone had taken the end of all the plungers and stuck them to the ground, but when I went back to take a picture, a worker was cleaning them up. So I didn't get a picture. :(

I saw a bottle of Mountain Dew (that I think was already open) working on its camouflage. It did a pretty good job.

I decided to play a poorly executed prank.

Move the box and... SNAKE!! 

In the candy aisle I found scented paint, erasers and pens. Hmm... yes their scented, but not edible. It's kind of misleading to put them by all the candy and gum. 

We saw lots of animals that danced to LMFAO songs...

So obviously we pushed "Try Me" on all of them and ran. ;) 

We didn't do it, but we saw a fallen egg carton... full of confetti filled eggs. Why was there so much Easter stuff when the next holiday is St. Patrick's Day? That always annoys me when stores get too excited for holidays. 

Apparently it's break up season in Logan... No more Ben & Jerry's. 

But the real purpose of our shopping trip was STAR WARS!!! 

Chris deliberated long and hard for the perfect Lego set. 

But after what felt like forever, he found the right one! 

All and all is was a great Walmart Adventure!! 

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