Monday, March 11, 2013


I love being sore. My workout today was killer, I was sweaty and exhausted and I already feel sore and tired. But I love it! Because it means that I worked hard and I did exactly what I was intending to do.

Today started out awful!! I was sick. Literally sick. But I had to work anyways and then I did major cleaning/packing of my stuff so I'm ready to move back to Logan in two months. My room is looking great! It's so ready to be turned into a guest room!!

But I still felt sick... but then I worked out and... suddenly I felt better. It's amazing how that works out. I love working out and I'm going to do it everyday until my wedding (and after the wedding too). I love it and I'm so excited to get looking strong and sexy!! ;)

This picture is like 3 years old, but whatever...

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