Saturday, March 23, 2013


Today is going downhill. It started out good. I woke up feeling great and well rested. I watched parts of Despicable Me and Ever After (both fantastic movies). I drove to Logan (which seemed to take forever!!). We got some Paradise Bakery (yum!!!). Then I bought Chris's ring (we only have 48 days left!!!). We looked up housing options (we're running out of time!!!). Then he left for work...

So I've been sitting in his apartment playing on his laptop for the past two hours watching Avatar: The Last Airbender.... and his roommate joined me...

I feel awkward... But whatever. Only a month (ish) till his only roommate is me. :)


I LOVE MY NEW HAIR COLOR!!! I always have my cousin dye my hair because she's great at it!! She is fantastic and is doing my hair for my wedding. She lives in the Orem area and can give you her contact information if you're in need of a new fantastic hairstyle. Pictures of my new hair will be coming soon. :)


Avatar is fantastic. I just can't stop watching it! I'm very upset that Nickelodeon won't play it for me anymore. It makes me very sad and depressed. They play it sometimes, but at inconvenient times. And it's best when the play it with Avatar Extras, because they're funny and let me learn more about the show, which is good since I've already seen every episode... multiple time.

Avatar is available on Netflix if anyone wants to check it out. That's what I'm watching it on right now. I also get it for free on my Kindle Fire through Amazon Prime. I'm so glad my dad has Amazon Prime. It gives me Avatar and helped us buy stuff for my wedding for cheaper. Good times. :)


I love Christopher! He just makes my life so much better! He means so much to me. And he's very attractive. So attractive! How did I get someone so attractive? I'm so lucky!! He's just the nicest guy ever!


If I lived in the Avatar world, I'd like to be an airbender like Aang. Just watch the show, Aang can do almost anything! He's super talented and can pretty much fly! Who doesn't want to fly? More importantly, airbending can be done anywhere! Air is everywhere! Waterbenders need water, earthbenders need earth, firebenders can produce their own fire so... ignore them... but airbenders can get air from anywhere! They can be unstoppable because air is everywhere! 

I'd also like to say Toph is amazing. I'm watching the episode 'The Blind Bandit'. Toph is amazing. Truly amazing. If I was an earthbender, I'd want to be like Toph. My brother wants to be an earthbender. I think earthbenders are really cool... but mostly just Toph. :) 


I don't really have anything else to say except more about Avatar. But that's cool. Have a great day! You're awesome! 

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