Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mission Calls!!

So today was a really exciting day for me! My future brothers-in-law got their mission calls and I got to be there when they opened them!! I've never really had anyone close to me go on a mission (I thought it would happen with my best friend Colton, but we sort of were fighting when he left. I'm still sad about that)  so this was really exciting for me.

Devin and Kellin are twins and I've been able to really get to know them in the past year and four months that Chris and I have been dating (Chris has another brother who is currently on a mission, but I only met him once and Chris and I weren't dating at the time). I like them and I'm happy that they're family to me! :)

Devin got called to the Oaxaca, Mexico mission!!

... and Kellin got called to the Washington DC mission!!! 

I am so happy for them!! I think that both of their missions are super cool and I am so excited! I'm also very glad they don't leave till after my wedding, so they can be there when I truly become a part of their family. :) 

Congratulations Devin and Kellin! I'm so happy for you!! 

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