Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fight the New Drug

Facebook is mean. It makes pictures show up on my Home Page just because my friends want them. Sadly, this ends up being pictures I don't want to see. So when a picture of a naked woman showed up on my Home Page, I reported it to Facebook. I don't think nudity and pornographic pictures of women should be allowed on Facebook where anyone can see them. It would break my heart if my little brother found that Facebook profile page and saw the many naked women and semi naked women shown on that profile page. 

A few hours later I got a notification from Facebook: 

They wouldn't remove the photo. I don't understand how a picture of a naked woman doesn't "violate our community standard on nudity and pornography". 

So I did a little research: 

"Expose limitations on the display of nudity." Limitations? Why not just ban nudity on Facebook? There's already way too much of it on the internet, why can't Facebook step up, be a man, and declare that they won't allow it? I'm very in shock that this photo wasn't removed. 

I am a "Facebook Fan" of a photographer on Facebook and she once had a Boudoir album of photos she took. She was very careful to put up only the ones that were safer and not revealing. While the images were of women in their underwear, I have to admit, they were beautiful images. I didn't feel offended by those pictures, I didn't feel she was portraying these women in a negative way, she showed the beauty of the women and it was not pornographic. However, too many people reported her images to Facebook and she removed the album from Facebook. 

So when I found this profile page containing hundreds of pictures of nude and semi-nude women, posing provocatively (that's the difference) in their underwear I was sure I could get it removed from Facebook. Those pictures made me uncomfortable. They offended me as a woman. They showed off big boobs and nudity and I truly believe that images like that should not be allowed on Facebook. But it didn't happen. 

I have seen, personally, how pornography can ruin lives and marriages. A very close friend of mine is currently dealing with her parent's divorce, stemming from an addiction to pornography. I have seen a relationship, where the girl suddenly felt very inferior when her boyfriends started looking at pornography, and it nearly killed their relationship. 

Pornography is a very real problem. And I'll be honest, it scares me. I'm very protective over my little brother (regardless of the fact he's 17) and I learned he was looking at pornography, my heart would break. I would be devastated! If my fiance looked at pornography, it would make me feel inferior, like I'm not good enough, and it would have the potential to ruin our relationship. 

Fight the New Drug is a non-profit organization that works to educate people on the harmful effects of pornography. Pornography is just as addictive as a drug. It's just as harmful. And it's a problem that needs to stop. I highly recommend checking out Fight the New Drug, they are very informative and resourceful. They really know their stuff. 

I know that it would be really difficult to rid the internet of pornography. But I wish that it wouldn't appear on Facebook, where it could suddenly appear on the Home Pages of adolescents, like it did on mine. I encourage my readers to look at Fight the New Drug and educate yourselves on the problem and become a fighter. 

Fight against this! Fight for what is wholesome and right! Fight for a better world! Fight the new drug! 

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