Friday, March 8, 2013

City Cakes

On Wednesday I designed my wedding cake!!! Chris and I went in to City Cakes to taste some cakes and decide exactly what our cake would be like.

City Cakes makes vegan and gluten free cakes. Now I'm not vegan and I can have gluten, I went to City Cakes for the price. And the taste. Just because it's a vegan cake, doesn't mean it doesn't taste the same. Chris and I both fell in love with their lemon cake (which will be the bottom and top layer of our cake). Chris didn't even know it was vegan until after. You cannot taste a difference.

 It's delicious cake! We tried lemon, chocolate (the middle layer of our cake), red velvet, poppy seed (that had a beautiful red frosting-poppy on top that I was in love with because I considered red poppies as one of my wedding flowers), and a spice cake. All of them were delicious and it was a hard decision to pick which flavor to have.

Our wedding cake is going to be beautiful! The girl I worked with, Emily, was very friendly and sweet. She drew my dream wedding cake right in front of me. The bottom two layers look like this:

The cutest cake ever right? And then the top layer will have some black piping decorations on it. I'm so excited for my cake! I can't wait for it to be real!!

For our three layer cake it cost about $350 (and I think that's a lie, I honestly can't remember the total cost, but I do know it was a little more than $300). It was one of the cheaper places I looked at and I loved working with them. Everyone there was a delight and so friendly!

I do recommend City Cakes! I think that they are amazing and absolutely delicious!!!

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