Friday, March 8, 2013

Beautiful Wedding Announcements

So this Monday I designed my wedding invitations through Beautiful Wedding Announcements. So many of my friends used them for their invitations and they have a large audience. Why?

1. They are so easy to work with!

I worked with a girl who seemed close to my age. I sat next to her and told her my ideas and watched as she brought them to life on the large computer screen in front of us.  She was really easy and fun to work with and it was a very pleasant and enjoyable experience.

2. They are very accommodating.

 I didn't have any pictures to give her at the time and she told me how simple it was to email my pictures in and they'll get that done for me. I felt like they were willing to work WITH me not to work FOR me which is a great quality in a business.

3. They have a lot of great workers

When I got to their business (which is located in their home in a large office, I also got there late because I'm horrible with directions (not because it is hard to find)) I stepped into a group of friendly people all willing and ready to help. They didn't care that I was late. They made sure I was comfortable in their home.

4. They make sure it's exactly what you want

After we finished designing my invitation she printed out a copy for me to take home. I can now look over it, make sure it's perfect, and if there is anything else I want added I just have to email them. They will then email me back another copy so I can again verify it's exactly what I want. I know that there will be no mistakes on my invitation and that it will end up exactly they way I want it to.

5. The price is right!!

They offer amazing invitations that are exactly what you want for wonderful prices! They are the cheapest invitation place I found and also some of the best quality that I found! A lot of my friends went here as well because of this simple fact: through Beautiful Wedding Announcements, you can get the invitations you want at a price that works for you.

If you are looking to get invitations for your wedding I HIGHLY suggest visiting Beautiful Wedding Announcements located Riverton, Utah. I promise you, you will not be disappointed. They will work with you every step of the way and they will give you a price that won't put you over your budget.

*Bonus: They have a wheel that you can spin to win discounts or free stuff! I won 250 free thank you cards for after my wedding!! I spun the wheel at a bridal fair but I'm pretty sure you can do it when you go in for your consultation. They want you to be happy and they will make sure you get what you deserve and want.

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