Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Day in The Life of Me

7:30 AM

Alarm goes off. "Aw man! Time to get up already? No thanks!" Snooze button!!

8:10 AM

Alarm goes off again for the 15th time. "Aw man! Now I'm running late!" Get up, text Lindsay happy birthday (I love you Miss Lindsay!!), text Chris to say good morning (can't wait till we live together and can just see him every morning!!!), put on makeup, straighten hair, spend forever figuring out what to wear, spend a few minutes searching for my ID badge for work, gather my purse, my work testing supplies, and run downstairs.

8:30 AM

Sit quietly drinking my weight-loss shake, wondering why I was rushing so much! I don't have to leave till 8:40! Finish drinking my breakfast and head upstairs to play on my Kindle.

8:45 AM

"Oh no! Now I'm late!" Fill up my water bottle, grab all my stuff and run to my car. Drive for three minutes to arrive at my old elementary school!

8:50 AM

Check in with front desk. "Umm... who are you and what are you doing?" They ask. I groan. "I'm with the school district, I'm doing UALPA testing for the ELL students." "Oh yeah, you're using the kiva today." But that's all they know. They don't know what I'm doing so I try to get things figured out and wait for the other testers to arrive (which is funny sometimes because I'm 22 and their always older than me, but the look for me for guidance just because my mom is the boss... that doesn't really mean I know what I'm doing...)

9:30 AM

Begin testing kids, read the same script over and over again, fill in bubbles, get told by a six year old "You look great today!!", "Thanks little girl, I tried so hard in the twenty minutes I used to get ready, your braids look pretty awesome, by the way.", remind kids that I can't give them the answers to the test, and so on and so forth and what have you? (any The Middle fans around here???)

1:30 PM

Finally done testing! Start driving home to get something to eat... and drive right past my house to go to Jimmy Johns (totally obsessed with Jimmy Johns!!!). Eat the booth by myself and watch as a bunch of Juan Diego students walk in (apparently it's the Juan Diego after-school hang out joint!).

1:40 PM

Drive a ridiculously long way to get to Joann's (which is technically in the same parking lot as Jimmy Johns), pick out a photo album for Lindsay for her birthday, walk around the store for forever getting ideas for ballroom costumes, my future home and my wedding. Ultimately decide not to buy the photo album and walk out empty handed.

3:00 PM

Drive back home and go straight to my laptop, look up ballroom costumes and think of ideas for mine, start stalking Dance Moms Twitter feeds (Maddie's, Brooke's, Chloe's, Christi's and so on and so forth and what have you?), watch dance videos on Youtube, look up pictures of dance on Pinterest, just basically become dance obsessed without actually dancing, decide I need to work on dancing so I decide to stretch... while continuing to stalk Dance Mom's Twitter.

5:00 PM

My mom comes home from work, I tell her about my day and eat some applesauce.

5:30 PM

Help my mom get ready for her pioneer musical number for the relief society dinner.

6:00 PM

Go to the relief society dinner (thirty minutes early) and help set up out of the kindness of my heart, start smelling the delicious smells of relief society dinners, and listen to them practice their funny musical number.

6:30 PM

The dinner starts and man! I love Heidi Buck! Not just because she's being a huge help with my wedding food, but because she makes such great food! That chicken, was the best chicken ever! And that apple pie? Tamera, you're not just amazing because you're throwing me a bridal shower, but because you're an award winning pie maker (I didn't just make that up, she really did win a contest with her pies). Then I watch the musical number and learned that I didn't get my dance skills from my mom (love you mom!). Then I sit and listen to everyone talk about service and even I got handed the microphone to talk about service.

8:45 PM

Help Heidi stuff her bike back into her car, but it doesn't fit so I ride with her and make sure it doesn't fall out while she drives with the trunk open (see, service! I learned so much at this dinner!)

9:00 PM

Return home and go straight to my laptop to write this post and watch Friends!!!

Estimated 11:00 PM

Realize how late it is and how early I'm supposed to get up tomorrow and finally go to sleep. Yep.

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