Monday, February 11, 2013

My Wedding Plans

So anyone who knows me or reads this blog regularly knows that I'm engaged. I'm getting married May 11th, exactly 3 months from today! And I am super excited!!! People kept telling me how stressful planning a wedding is and not to freak out too much, but I'm loving every second of it! I love planning my wedding!! I love weddings! That's why I have another blog dedicated to weddings!

So since I've really been doing nothing with my life besides work and wedding plans, I'm going to share a few things about my wedding with you!

So Chris and I are getting married in the Draper, Utah LDS Temple. It's so beautiful!! I actually was blessed with the opportunity to sing at the temple dedication (because I live nearby). It was one of the greatest experiences of my life and really made the Draper Temple extra special to me. I'm so glad that my wonderful fiance agreed to get married there even though he's from Kaysville and rather fond of the Bountiful Temple.

I'm picking anemones as my wedding flower. Because I wanted to make things more difficult. Just kidding! But really, most floral places in Utah do not offer anemones. We're getting them through a website, Whole Blossoms. We haven't ordered them yet so if you've had some traumatic experience with them, you should let me know before I buy them. I just really want anemones because they fit my wedding colors perfectly (black, white, and red) and they are just so beautiful! But if they don't work out, I'll get gerbera daisies, the white ones with black centers, because they look similar and I love daisies!

I really wish I could show you all how beautiful my dress is, but my fiance reads this blog and he's not allowed to see my dress yet. But I got it at Bridal Expressions in Sandy, Utah. I loved their service and their selection. You can read a review about them here.

We're having Italian sodas at my wedding. Chris and I love Zupas! It's so wonderful! So next to their soda machine is a bunch of Italian soda syrup pumps, and that's what we want. We're going to have Sprite (or something similar) and then the syrup pumps. My favorite is raspberry and blackberry mixed! Yummy! We're still looking for where to buy our soda syrups, but I think we're leaning towards Torani.

Hmm... what other fun stuff should you know? ... I still don't have a cake. But I do know what I want the cake to look like and taste like, so it's just a matter of finding someone to make it for a reasonable price. I thought I found a good place but it wasn't the place that my mom's friend told us to go to so we're looking again.

I have an invitation place! Beautiful Wedding Announcements. In Riverton. They are excellent! I don't meet with them till March but they've sent me sample packets and I already won 250 free thank you cards with them. So they will be really good for us.

Chris and I agree on a lot of the wedding plans! That or he just pretends to agree with everything I say, which I find wonderful! He's been great in helping out! I just love him so much!

I'm super excited for my honeymoon because I'm going to DISNEYLAND!!! We still have things to finalize. We may be driving and stopping in Vegas for two days or we're flying straight to California and spending more time at Disneyland and the beach. We still don't know yet but I'm so excited anyways! We are also spending our wedding night at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City. I'm so happy about that because it's my favorite hotel. Something about it just makes me happy. It's such a beautiful building!

What else can I tell you about my wedding...? I'M SO EXCITED!!! In three months I get to marry my best friend and then we get to live with each other and be with each other forever! This long distance relationship is getting harder and harder everyday, but it's only three months till we're always together! :)


  1. You being happy makes me happy! I am excited for your wedding cause it's going to be awesome and beautiful!


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