Monday, February 18, 2013

My Valentines Day 2013

I found the idea for Chris's birthday present on Pinterest, but really I could have thought of it myself.

So I made this box as pink and girly as I could, because that's what Valentine's Day reminds me of. I just covered a Vans shoebox with scrapbook paper. It looked really good!

On the inside I had a ton of paper hearts that had reasons why I love him. I also threw in a finger soccer game, which is really funny because it gives you mini cleats for your fingers. Chris loved his gift and I'm happy I made it all myself. :)

Chris gave me balloons and flowers!!!

White daisies are my favorite flower and I love the red flowers that were in there too! I also love balloons! Getting balloons just makes me happy!! He also gave me a necklace with my birthstone that matches the earrings he gave me for my birthday!

Jerrick's Fine Jewelry is good to us. It's where he got my matching necklace and earrings and my engagement ring. Chris likes them a lot. When he went in last week looking for a Valentines gift for me they remembered him and they remembered my birthstone from my birthday earrings.

If that wasn't enough, we went out for a lovely dinner at Chili's (because Logan doesn't have very many fancy restaurants) and had the most amazing dessert! Then he surprised me with tickets to go see Safe Haven. Which was pretty good. I've always liked Julianne Hough (she graduated from Alta High School like me!!) and Josh Duhamel (because he's amazing looking). My favorite part was when all the girls in my theater gasped because this guy was hiding in the shadows. It was the funniest thing ever because it was so obvious he was there!

It was a wonderful Valentine's Day! :)

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