Saturday, February 2, 2013

Menacing Movie Preview!!!

So I'm LDS and it's suggested (sort of a commandment) that we shouldn't see "R" rated movies. Which is fine for me. I absolutely HATE horror movies, I'm not a fan of blood and violence and I don't like the humor in "R" rated comedies (I'm not perfect, I've seen two and absolutely HATED them). There are some "R" rated movies that I think should be seen. Like "Slumdog Millionaire" which is a fantastic movie and I don't really understand why it's rated "R". It's too good.

Anyways, lately I've been cracking down on my rule to not watch "R" rated movies (after the last double date incident, Chris and I are watching no more) but there's a movie coming out that the preview is driving me crazy!!

It's not like I want to see the movie. I just don't understand!!

Okay, so this is the full length preview, but I see shorter ones daily, and they're all different! In some, Jude Law looks incredibly guilty, in others that lady looks like she's the guilty one. In some Jude Law says "Somebody set ME up" while in others he says "Somebody set HER up". Is Channing Tatum the one who dies? Why is she professing her love for Channing Tatum in the beginning? And what's with the lady "She looks amazing!" because it's kind of annoying every time I hear it every commercial break while watching "Friends".

I don't really want to see the movie. It doesn't look like a movie I'd be interested much in anyways, however, I just want my questions answered!! So I don't even care, if you are reading this and you see this movie, leave me a comment and please answer my questions!!! It's killing me!!

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