Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Hate Valentines Day

Aww... how cute! Nearly naked angel babies almost kissing! No. It's not cute. It's weird.

Cupid is creepy. A little guy who flies around and shoots people with arrows? What they hay? Who wants to be shot by some love arrow? Not me. I found love without any arrows.

I hate Valentines Day. 

Why? Because it's really dumb! It's just a way for couples to make each other buy gifts for one another and for single people to be depressed about their lack of a relationship. It's just dumb! Why do we put all this pressure on ourselves? Not only that, I first saw stores selling Valentines while I was Christmas shopping back in December! The holiday is too drawn out and people take it much too seriously! Buying gifts for birthdays and Christmas is fun, buying gifts for Valentines Day puts too much pressure on people.

So tomorrow for Valentines Day, I have a homemade gift for my fiance. I think he'll still like it even though it's cheap and simple. Also, Friday is his birthday, and I have some wonderful surprises for him on his birthday!

Please don't take tomorrow too seriously. It's just a dumb holiday that I really don't care about.

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  1. Yes, I would agreed to a certain extent.

    I think every special occasion has been commercialized, to the extent that it's meaning was reduced to redundancy, and thus lacked the understanding on its significant and paramount meaning.

    Not just Valentine's Day, but Christmas' Day, Good Friday, Easter Day, Thanksgiving and etc was so commercialized that if a person is not celebrating it, he/she is still living in a cave or they are from a mental institution. And since everyone is celebrating it, it does not matter and it is immaterial if one does not know its special meaning. To make matter worse, he/she has to spend some money and dip deep inside their pockets just to celebrate with their family and friends.

    However, if one were to celebrate the special occasion, knowing its significant meaning, I think that person should be excuse from criticism. To that person, every day should be a Valentine's day, Christmas' Day, Good Friday, Easter Day and Thanksgiving Day, not just on that special date of the year.



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