Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dance Moms Evaluation: 2/5/2013

Dear Abby Lee Miller,

I'm upset. Abby, why are you picking on Brooke? Why? Just because she left? She's back now, by the way. She actually even been in your group numbers lately. She was fantastic in your Arabian Nights number because that's the type of dance Brooke is best at. I've watched that dance like six times now, Brooke was your best dancer in that dance. And you wouldn't put her on the pyramid? I realize that the dance got fourth, but I watched the dance, the choreography wasn't that thrilling, a lot of your dancers messed up, but not Brooke. Yet you choose to punish her anyways. You keep asking her if she wants to be there, well if you're not treating her like she exists why would she say yes?

I also don't like you punishing Melissa, Maddie, and Mackenzie. Seriously, get over the fact that Melissa wanted to make friends with the other dance moms. Personally I would have done the same thing, become friends with the other moms who understand what you and your daughters are going through, because Abby, you never will understand Melissa or her children. Because I'm starting to think you aren't a real human being. Real humans don't treat people the way you treat people. What happened in your past that makes you so horrible to others? Were you bullied? Well so was my idol Demi Lovato and she's in an incredible place right now, she famous, rich, and she's incredibly nice regardless of having suffered from bullying. Even if you were bullied, you should realize how hurtful it is and just stop bullying others! You bully the kids, the moms, basically anyone you come in contact with, and it's just rude and unacceptable  You're supposed to be a grown adult, Abby. Act like one. And sticking Maddie and Mackenzie at the bottom of the pyramid for no real reason other than hating their mom, is being a bully.

As a side note, Cathy, your little guy in the front was absolutely adorable! My sister and I kept smiling because of how cute he is and you could tell how much fun he was having. However, I personally am surprised your team even got second. They messed up, a lot. So I'm guessing the third place team messed up even more, because even though you have an all boys team, with that many mistakes second shouldn't be correct (maybe I'm just too used to my ballroom team though, they can't favor boys in those competitions). Also, Cathy, why don't you ever do your own choreography anymore? It's like you're admitting that you aren't good enough of a dance teacher/choreographer. Hmm... well if your adorable daughter is any indication of your dance teaching skills, your skills are basically non-existent. Sorry Vivianne, but you don't seem to like dance and you aren't that great. I'm sorry your mother doesn't know how to teach you right.

You gave Nia a solo!! I'm so happy!! Except, wait a second... you give her a lame, slightly boring song, not that great choreography, a boring costume, less than a week (which, when you never do solos, a week to learn one is pretty hard) and you expect absolute perfection? Seriously Abby? They say it all the time one the show and I'll say it now, you set Nia up to fail. I have nothing against Nia, I thought she looked beautiful, I think she danced with emotion and passion,  her lines and arms were strong, she knew her dance very well and she performed like a professional. But it's not her fault the choreography and song were boring. That's all you Abby.

The last point I want to make is about Chloe. Chloe is one of your national title holders. Chloe is the best ballet dancer that you have on that team. Chloe dances for you week after week, constantly looking gorgeous, always dancing with passion and talent. You hate her mom. I don't really blame you for that. But why do you have to tear down Chloe because of her mom? Week after week after week! And Chloe is just a saint and never protests, very rarely cries (which you just love Abby) and is still always the nicest, sweetest little girl in the world. I don't blame Christi one bit for taking her daughter away while your screaming at her like a mad woman because her hat fell off. Seriously those hats sucked, they all looked much too big for the girl's heads, and I don't blame her. But you did. You really did. And you didn't even know yet if that hat drop cost you a win, which by the way it did not. You still got first place. Yet you came in there screaming and yelling at a little girl because her hat fell off. My gosh you are a monster.

Quite frankly I thought this dance was boring. While ALL your dancers danced it beautifully, it wasn't that thrilling to watch. Abby, I feel your choreography lately is lacking in excitement. Is that why you won't give Maddie a solo? Because you usually give her your best solos, but now you don't have anything good? :)

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