Monday, January 14, 2013

The Benefits of Vaseline

I just bought a HUGE jar thing of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly because I use it for so many things! And I had this little jar thing of it that fits in small places because it's cute and little and it lasted me over a year despite its small size.

So my little one was running out so I decided today to put some from my huge jar into my little one, because I love how the cute little one is much more portable. So instead of being delicate about the process and melting it so it's easier to transfer the jelly... I just stuck my finger right in the big jar and started scooping it out.


I know that makes me sound slightly crazy, but it really was so much fun!!! Apparently I just get easily excited and little things are my favorite... like moon sand! I found my moon sand today whilst cleaning some drawers out. Moon sand rocks. 

So because of this experience I'd like to share my favorite uses for petroleum jelly!

1. Chapped lips.

This is why I started using Vaseline in the first place! Every night I put Vaseline on my lips to help keep them very soft. Chris makes fun of me for the large amount of Vaseline I put on them, but it helps, so he really shouldn't complain. 

2. Cuts and burns

I love this because it's a cheap way to help heal your smaller injuries. It really has helped some cuts that I've had. It helps them heal faster and keeps it protected. 

3. Dry skin

Like with your lips, Vaseline helps a lot with dryness. I particularly use it for the back of my hands, but then I end up washing it off too soon sometimes. But it creates very smooth skin. It also does not clog pores, so don't worry about spreading it all over your face. 

4. Thicker eyelashes

I recently learned this trick, so now every night when I'm putting Vaseline on my lips, I also put some on my eye lids, and it really has made a difference in the way my eyelashes look. Sometimes if I want my mascara to really stand out, I'll put a little Vaseline on before applying mascara. It make a great difference. 

5. Keeping in the lines when applying nail polish

 A lot of members of my dad's side of the family have these tremors things which make our hands shake a lot. I don't have it as badly as some other people in my family, but my hands still get pretty shaky. Especially when I'm concentrating on doing something delicate with my hands (which kind of really sucks). So when I try to paint my nails, it gets all over my skin! But I learned to put some Vaseline around your nail before painting them so when it gets on your skin, it's so much easier to get off. Just don't get it on your nail because then it doesn't stay as well. 

6. Scent sticking

If you put on a little Vaseline in the areas you spray your perfume, it helps your scent to stick around longer. Which can be a very good thing. Keep in mind though that Vaseline makes your skin very shiny, so don't use a ton or it could look weird. Unless you want shiny skin. 

7. Makeup removal

This trick is fantastic because some makeup removal products seem to dry out my skin, but Vaseline specifically helps smooth your skin! It works really well in makeup removal, but I don't use it for that trick very much. 

8. Pumpkin carving

After your carve your Halloween pumpkins, rub some Vaseline around the edges, it helps keep it from rotting or getting dry. 

The above list is all things that I have tried before. But it has more uses found here. I am particularly interest in the "removal of eyelash glue" because in ballroom I wear fake eyelashes much too often and I hate taking them off. 

I hope this helps you! Vaseline always helps me in many ways. And as a fun tip, just sticking your finger in a big jar of it feels really cool. :) 

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