Saturday, January 12, 2013

Just Updates

So I'm in Logan for the weekend. Having lots of fun hanging out with my fiance. The main reason I'm up here is because we got our engagement photos done today! (thank you again so much  Lindsey!) But we've done lots of other fun things as well.

I went ice fishing today for my first time. My fiance loves to fish. Which is why I gave him a fishing related Christmas presents. So he has lots of friends who also love to fish. Which is great. And I actually go fishing with him a lot. But we've learned I'm bad luck. See, every time we go fishing together, we never catch anything, but if Chris goes fishing without me, he always comes home successful. So, as tradition proves, we didn't catch anything this morning. But I did nearly freeze my toes off and we walked across the entire lake and heard the ice cracking below us. It was certainly an adventure!

We rented the third season of Friends and I've been watching all the episodes. I just love that show and we are trying to go through all the episodes. But it's difficult because there are very few movie rental places anymore and the one we do know of doesn't have the first two seasons, which is fairly important if your planning on watching a whole series. So...
Dear Netflix, 
I would greatly appreciate it if you would put all the seasons of Friends on your website. I would watch every episode multiple times like I have with How I Met Your Mother and Avatar: The Last Airbender, and it would just be great! Thanks so much!
Getting our engagements done was great! Except it was freezing! It snowed all last night so we had a beautiful amount of glittery snow to work with and it was fantastic! But it was so cold! At one point I felt like I had been at the dentist and he had numbed my lips because it was really difficult to smile. I wonder what those pictures turned out like... I should be getting them back in one to three weeks. I'll keep you posted.

I played FIFA with Chris. I hate games, but I usually like video games. And while I have nothing against this one, I was just pushing buttons. I had no idea what I was doing. It was a struggle. And in normal soccer, the score doesn't usually end up 7 to 0. So... totally unrealistic game play.

We have gone out to eat for every meal. We've had Subway, Wendy's, Rumbi, Jimmy Johns, Einstein Bagels, and Cafe Rio. And the greatest milkshakes in the world. Seriously! I first had it on New Years, the first thing I had in 2013 and it was the greatest milkshake of my life, and I had it again on Thursday, still the greatest milkshake of my life. F'real. Find one and get it!!!

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